Fall 2018 - 60522 - PA 380L - Topics in Public Policy and Law | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2018 - 60522 - PA 380L - Topics in Public Policy and Law

SMNR: Emerging Cybersecurity Law and Policy Issues


This course is focused exclusively on the technical details of cybersecurity, and is designed for graduate students in law, public affairs, and other non-technical disciplines. We will explore topics such as software vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigations; encryption; and incident response. If you are looking to gain a degree of literacy regarding the technical aspects of cybersecurity, but do not have a relevant technical background, this is the course for you.  Note that the course does not address legal or policy questions, as those are the subject of the separate Cybersecurity Foundations course taught by Professor Chesney.  Both courses are part of the larger Strauss Center program promoting cross-disciplinary training relating to cybersecurity across the graduate school community at UT.


This course is cross-listed with the Law School. Law is the home department.

5:45PM to 8:30PM
TNH 3.125