Fall 2016 - 60709 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2016 - 60709 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Latino Politics

Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States and in Texas are projected to make up a majority by 2040. Given the size and growth rates of Latinos across the country, an understanding of American politics and policy is incomplete without and in-depth understanding of Latinos.  This seminar will provide you with a nuanced knowledge of the factors that shape the Latino political voice that in turn shapes contemporary policy issues.

The 2016 election has placed Latinos front and center – among both Republicans and Democrats.  We will take advantage of this unique political moment and provide special consideration to how Latinos take part in and shape the electoral landscape. As such you are strongly encouraged to tie in current events into your weekly Reflection-Analysis-Papers (RAPs).

The seminar will be divided into two modules.  The first module will focus on Latino political behavior and representation.  We will first understand who “Latinos” are and then delve into an analysis of what has shaped the Latino political voice and what manifestations it has taken.  The second module provides a survey of the top Latino policy issues.  By the end of this seminar you will have the expertise to brief any of the newly elected politicos on Latino policy issues.  As such, the final project for this paper will entail you picking an elected official and providing them with a briefing on a Latino policy issue of your choice.

SRH 3.312/360
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