Fall 2015 - 59725 - PA325 - Topics in Policy

Next Generation Scholars Research Opportunities Program
The Next Generation Scholars Program is designed to provide professional development and research mentoring to promising young scholars who hope to work in global, national and local public policy in the future.  The program begins with semester-long training in the basics of research, writing, analysis and presentation, before placing students in research apprenticeships with Strauss Center  and RGK Center faculty scholars to attain hands-on experience with real research. To practice many of these skills, students will write research concept notes, op-eds, policy memos and policy presentations.  Students will also complete a Truman fellowship application (or similar fellowships tailored to student interests and approved by the course instructor).  The final project for the course will include a full draft and presentation/defense of a proposal and a mock oral interview.  Students will also participate in the numerous public campus events of the Strauss and RGK Centers. Students must be selected into the Next Generation Scholars program to be eligible for enrollment in the course. More information on the NGS program and its application are available at https://strausscenter.org/nextgen-articles/next-generation-scholars.html.