Fall 2013 - 63555 - PA188G - Topics in Global Policy Studies | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2013 - 63555 - PA188G - Topics in Global Policy Studies

Financial Preparation for Internatioal Research

This is a course to help students develop fundraising skills. Topics include: presentation of self and organizations; project development; the proposal process; project assessment; and diversity of information of grant sources. The course is directed at graduate students who seek to use the course to prepare funding requests for their own activities.

A student should not enroll in this class unless she/he can attend every class and have in mind a specific personal or professional project for which to raise funds. Prior to the first course meeting (by Friday, September 6, 2012), each student will be required to provide a resume and one-paragraph or one-page description of the project for which she/he wishes to raise funds as a pre-requisite for the course.

If a student does not submit the materials prior to class of business, she/he will be dropped from enrollment in the class. If the project is not specific as to the recipient of funds and the purpose of funds, it will be declined as insufficient in such a short class. [In a five-week class, there is not enough time to connect a student to a recipient organization. This class assumes that in most cases the graduate student herself/himself will be the expected recipient: raising money for the student’s career activities.]

If a student misses any single class, her/his grade will be dropped one level for each missed class (from an earned A to a B; from a B to a C, etc.) Attendance will be taken.


Proposal assignment - 100 percent

This course will be taught from 10/18 through 11/11/13.


                                               PRIOR STUDENT PROPOSALS ON BLACKBOARD


#1 Campaign Fundraising Plan

#2 Dell Foundation Grant Application

#3 Funding the first year of a continuing Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program

#4 Funds to initiate the Youth Speakers Bureau Workshop Project

#5 To facilitate marketing of Texas environmental technologies in Pakistan.

#6 United Way – First Call for Help

#7 Families are Valued Project

#8 Endowed Chair in Philanthropy

#9 Net Fit! Obesity intervention program for children

#10 Putting Children First

#11 Summer School Leadership Development Camp

#12 Project Development-Children’s Hospital of Austin

#13 One Step Up (pilot initiative addressing educational deficiencies)

#14 Connecting School Administrators with Families and Communities


SRH 3.312