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On September 21st through September 28th, the LBJ Careers Teams has organized many events to help each student explore career options and get advice from your peers about internships or career steps. Look at the description below to get a description of each event that will take place this week. Each event will be located in the LBJ School.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

RGK Alum Panel on 9/21 at 12pm in 3.122

Hear from a panel of alumni with experience in the nonprofit/philanthropic and public sectors. Panelists will share how they've used their degrees to make an impact in unique ways throughout their careers and how current students can better prepare for a career in, or collaborating with, the social sector. Bring your questions for a Q&A portion at the end of the event.



UT Austin ICMA Panel on 9/25 at 2pm in 3.122

The Career Team is partnering with one of it’s wonderful student organizations, International City/County Management Association, to bring you all a panel. This panel is open for all to come and ask questions on early career opportunities in local government/emerging leaders. Please RVSP and stop by to explore another option for your career.



Federal Jobs: What's Out There For Me? on 9/25 at 5pm in 3.124

The Careers Team wanted to provide a more concentrated and detailed federal jobs workshop. In this workshop, we will be talking about the various programs, departments, and opportunities in the Federal space. We just want to make sure that you have as many pathways as possible. You can also ask more questions as well.


Urban Policy Conversations on 9/26 at 8:30am in the South Lobby

The Careers Team has invited Professor Pedigo with the Urban Lab and the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis to talk about how they see Urban Policy knowledge used in various careers. You can bring questions about how you see yourself utilizing your policy degree, the ways you can be more involved within industry, and opportunities to be with their offices as well.



Career Exploration Workshop on 9/26 at 12:15pm in 3.124

The Careers Team and Bryce Moffet, from the CMHC, are holding a workshop on how to formulate your career pathway. In this workshop, we want you all to think about how you formulate your career pathways and how we can create less stress around it. Also, we want to help you all create work-life balance for internships and beyond.



Student Internship Panel on 9/27 at 12:15pm in 3.122

Similarly to the previous year, the Careers Team is having a Student Internship Panel, but will a focus on career explorations. In this panel we will be discussing how they found their internship, what they learned, and how it informs their next steps. Come by if you have any questions about internships or concerns that you want your fellow students to help with. 



POTR: International Development on 9/27 at 5:15pm in the Breezeway

Policy on the Rocks is a networking event that focuses on various policy areas that you all study in. This Policy on the Rocks event is about iNternational Development. You don’t have to be an expert or be currently studying the subject to come. Attend, speak with alumni, faculty, and peers about what the current landscape is and why they chose this as their industry. 



Private Sector Networking Breakfast on 9/28 at 8:30am in the South Lobby

The Careers Team wants to create a space where the students who are interested in or have experience in the Private Sector a space to chat. We want to encourage you to ask each other questions and advice on how to start out. If you are considering private sector work, please come by and chat with your peers. 



Gartner Case Study Workshop – Virtually on 9/28 at 2pm

Gartner is a consulting company that is holding a virtual session going over a case study. This is a good place to try a new skill and see if you could become a consultant later down the line. You need to register with the link below, at least 24 hours prior, to gain access to the zoom link. But please, also fill out our RSVP link as well. We want to see how many of you are interested in this session. This is not exclusive to just LBJ students, so we want to see who all is excited about this and the numbers as well.  

Registration: Here


Date and Time
Sept. 21 to 28, 2023, All Day
LBJ School of Public Affairs