September 15, 2017
12:15PM to 1:30PM

Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) Student Welcome Lunch

The Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) invites all LBJ students interested in social policy issues to the annual CHASP Student Welcome Lunch to learn about the center and the Social Policy Network student and alumni group. Read more

Second Floor Lobby
November 18, 2017
8:30AM to 6:30PM

CMED Conference

An annual gathering of professionals in executive education who come together to discuss topics and innovations in the fields of management, executive development and professional development.

Visit the website at http://... Read more

First Floor Lobby, Wasserman Distance Education, SRH 3.122, SRH 3.124, SRH 3.316, SRH 3.350, SRH 3.355, SRH 3.314, SRH 3.312, SRH 3.360, Bass Lecture Hall, Bass Lecture Hall Foyer
November 29, 2017
12:15PM to 1:45PM

Jennifer Staats, U.S. Institute of Peace

Jennifer Staats, director for China Programs at the U.S. Institute of Peace, will give a talk on U.S./Chinese relations.Read more

SRH 3.122
January 11, 2018
8:00AM to 6:00PM

C&T: 2018 Austin Forum on Diplomacy and Statecraft

The 2018 Austin Forum is a gathering of mid-level diplomats from the US, Europe and Central/South America. They come together to discuss challenges and solutions within the topics of diplomacy and statecraft.Read more

First Floor Lobby, SRH 3.124