Admissions Team Blog #2: The one about transcripts | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

By Gwen Kelso, Graduate Coordinator

Hello from the LBJ School Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. It’s that time of year when our office receives a number of questions about transcripts.

Let me start here – don't worry. It's not nearly as complicated as you may initially think. All of your questions can be answered on the UT Austin Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) website under "Transcripts."

Having said that…

The ApplyTexas application will ask about (four-year and junior) colleges attended. You will enter that information in the system – it’s straightforward. After you submit your ApplyTexas application, you will receive a link to a website called MyStatus. The MyStatus system works with the ApplyTexas application and will tell you exactly what transcripts you need to submit. In short: after you submit your ApplyTexas app, check your MyStatus page; it will tell you what you need to do. You can also track the progress of your transcript approval (if and when it is approved by GIAC) via your MyStatus page.

DO NOT SEND TRANSCRIPTS TO THE LBJ SCHOOL, TO UT AUSTIN or any other department. Submit only as instructed by GIAC.

After reading through the information on the GIAC website, if you still have questions, you may want to read this helpful article about the upload process. I encourage you to first review all the materials on the GIAC website before reaching out with questions. More times than not, you will find the information you need in those links. Please note that the LBJ School does not vet or approve transcripts. Transcripts are verified through the UT Austin Graduate and International Admissions Center. If you still have lingering questions after reading the GIAC website, reach out to the GIAC transcript office:

Happy applying!

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