Construction Delays

Course Date
Wednesday, Aug 28, 2024 to Thursday, Aug 29, 2024
Course Time
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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* This class is one of the optional class requirements for The Construction Purchasing Certificate Program.


Who Should Attend:

Considering the potential large damages it is important that all who works on a construction project for the owner; buyer, purchasing agent, internal customers, contract administrator, contract manager, auditors, and senior managers be privy to the different methods and ways of assigning responsibility for delays, can assess the cost impact, articulate the project impact on the agency and be prepared to serve the other party with a true value of a delay on such a large scale project. Some delays, and their associated cost impact, can not only add to the cost of the project but in a few rare exceptions it literally killed the project being delivered to fruition.

Course Takeaways:

In the session we will show the participants how to drill down to the resulting impacts on the schedule, the budget and impact on the agency/organization. This session will show the participants:

  1. The varied types of construction delays often encountered on a jobsite and/or project.
  2. It will show how these can be addressed on the project relative to being;
  3. Excusable
  4. Non-excusable
  5. Critical
  6. Non-critical
  7. Compensable
  8. Non-compensable
  9. Concurrent
  10. It will also show the depth and level of resulting effects regarding time and financial damages.
  11. The failure to meet a schedule can have serious repercussions and consequences.
  12. We will show the techniques to measure a delay when there is no schedule. Using the ‘As-Planned’ schedule and the “To-Be’ schedule for support.
  13. How to employ a Contenporaneous Schedule to validate a delay as well as the importance of Critical Path Analysis.
  14. We will discuss the significance of delay analysis using both a Bar Chart Schedule and CPM.
  15. We will profile other delay analysis methods such as:
  16. Using fragnets to quantify delay
  17. Impacted As-Planned
  18. Collapsed As-Built, and others
  19. Provide general guidelines for the Presentation and Recovery of Damages
  20. How is home-office overhead impacted by delays.
  21. The different ways delays can cause inefficiencies in the project.
  22. Identify what exactly acceleration is and how it can impact a project.
  23. We will identify Constructive Acceleration and project acceleration while quantifying both the cost and then time savings.
  24. We will highlight the various methods used to identify the cause of the delay
  25. We will evaluate the risks to both the owner and then Construction manager. Plus note best practices in Real-Time Claims Management.

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