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Upcoming Events

Metropolitan Governance vs. The Grassroots: A Challenge for Public Administration
Wed Mar 29
12:15 pm
David Swindell, director of the Center for Urban Innovation and associate professor in the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University, focuses on community and economic development, especially public financing of sports facilities, and the contribution of sports facilities to the economic development of urban space.Read more
Student Events: Google and Government: Fostering Innovation Through Local Action
Thu Mar 30
12:15 pm
The Technology Innovation and Policy Society (TIPS) will hold a panel event to discuss the impact of technology on policy.Read more
Student Events: RESULTS - Advocacy Writing
Fri Mar 31
12:15 pm
RESULTS, a poverty advocacy non-profit, will be hosting a letter writing event to encourage our Representatives and Senators to support domestic and global anti-poverty campaigns.Read more