Latin America

Julia Sweig, expert in U.S.-Cuba relations, reacts to Fidel Castro's passing, saying, "And this is a time to pause and think very clearly and very strategically about what this means for Cuba and for our two countries."

LBJ School research associate Julia Sweig
Julia Sweig
Senior Research Fellow

The LBJ School of Public Affairs will present “The 2013 International Conference on Aging in the Americas” (ICAA) on Sept. 17-19 at the Julius Glickman Conference Center at The University of Texas at Austin. The 2013 conference is the sixth installment in the Conference Series on Aging in the Americas, a successful series of meetings on aging in the Hispanic population established in 2001 at the university. This year’s conference is titled “Demographics of Aging in the Americas: How Should We Prepare for an Aging Population in Mexico and in the U.S.A.?”