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Regulatory Policy

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Elephants are in danger. Our research could help save them. LBJ in the News
Crop subsidies in the Farm Bill are part of what is making us fat LBJ in the News
LBJ Publications
"Solar valuation and the modern utility's expansion into distributed generation" LBJ Publications
"Topic based classification and pattern identification in patents" LBJ Publications
"Emerging insights on the dynamic drivers of international low-carbon technology transfer" LBJ Publications
"Business model innovations for deploying distributed generation: The emerging landscape of community solar in the U.S." LBJ Publications
Latinos in an Aging World: Social, Psychological, and Economic Perspectives LBJ Publications
The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project: A Final Report to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) LBJ Publications
The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project in Texas Colonias and Low Income Subdivisions LBJ Publications
"The Identification of Peak Period Impacts When a TMY Weather File Is Used in Building Energy Use Simulation" LBJ Publications
"Did the introduction of a nodal market structure impact wholesale electricity prices in the Texas (ERCOT) market?" LBJ Publications
The role of market incentives in environmental policy LBJ Publications
The impact of the LBJ Publications
Sampling out: regulatory avoidance and the Total Coliform Rule LBJ Publications
The value of scarce water: measuring the inefficiency of municipal regulations LBJ Publications
Moving pollution trading from air to water: potential, problems, and prognosis LBJ Publications
Shale gas development impacts on surface water quality in Pennsylvania LBJ Publications
Nonprofit Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act LBJ Publications
"A Business Model for Defense Acquisition under the Modular Open Systems Approach" LBJ Publications
"Systems Integration for Complex Defense Projects" LBJ Publications
Who Should Regulate Insurance: An Evaluation of Title Insurance Price Disparity in the United States LBJ Publications
Title Insurance Regulation in Texas: Challenges and Opportunities LBJ Publications
"The Need for Independent Prison Oversight in a Post-PLRA World" LBJ Publications
"Let the Sun Shine In: The ABA and Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
Opening Up a Closed World: What Constitutes Effective Prison Oversight? LBJ Publications
"Independent Correctional Oversight Mechanisms Across the United States: A 50-State Inventory" LBJ Publications
"Opening Up A Closed World: What Constitues Effective Prison Oversight?" LBJ Publications
"Distinguishing the Various Functions of Effective Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"Annotated Bibliography on Independent Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"Special Populations and the Importance of Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"TYC Facilities Need Independent Oversight" LBJ Publications
"The Importance of Independent Prison Oversight to Prison Effectiveness" LBJ Publications
Opening Up a Closed World: A Sourcebook on Prison Oversight LBJ Publications
The American Title Insurance Industry: How a Cartel Fleeces the American Consumer LBJ Publications
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