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Philanthropy and Volunteering

LBJ in the News
Watch as young kids celebrate Halloween in Austin's Rundberg neighborhood LBJ in the News
RGK Foundation to Split Into Two Distinct Foundations LBJ in the News
James Beard Foundation honors Austinite Raj Patel for food activism work LBJ in the News
LBJ Publications
"A History of the Profession of Volunteer Administration" LBJ Publications
"The Vocabulary, Rationale and Critiques of Professional Credentialing" LBJ Publications
"Volunteers in State Government" LBJ Publications
Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG Survivorship Summit: Final Evaluation Report LBJ Publications
"Volunteers in US State Government Agencies: Using Texas as a Model" LBJ Publications
"A US perspective on Volunteerism" LBJ Publications
"How Much Is An Hour of Volunteer Time Worth?: Various Methods to Monetize the Contributions of a Volunteer's Time" LBJ Publications
"Leading Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations" LBJ Publications
"Maximizing Volunteer Engagement" LBJ Publications
Strategic Volunteer Engagement: A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders LBJ Publications
I Live Here I Give Here: Central Texas Campaign for Philanthropy, Phase II Evaluation Report LBJ Publications
"What Do We Really Know About Nonprofits Capacity to Manage Volunteers" LBJ Publications
Jewish Service Learning: An Analysis of Participant Jewish Identity and Program Characteristics LBJ Publications
"PTA Volunteer Recruitment" LBJ Publications
Sunsetting: A Framework for Foundation Life as well as Death LBJ Publications
Foundation Sunset: A Decision-Making Guide LBJ Publications
From Awareness to Action: A Case Study of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption LBJ Publications
Limited Life Foundations: Motivations, Experiences and Strategies LBJ Publications
"Foundation Life Spans: a Vexing Issue" LBJ Publications
"The Relativity of Foundation Effectiveness: The Case of Community Foundations" LBJ Publications
"Foundation Approaches to Effectiveness: A Typology" LBJ Publications
"Staying the Course" LBJ Publications
Community Foundation Approaches to Effectiveness: Characteristics, Challenges, and Opportunities LBJ Publications
"Conspiracy Philanthropy: Are the Big Foundations Really the Agents of American Imperialism?" LBJ Publications
"Is there a constituency for global poverty? Jubilee 2000 and the Future Development Advocacy" LBJ Publications
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