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Criminal Justice

LBJ in the News
For moms and babies, a chance to bond behind bars LBJ in the News
How Donald Trump Could Prop Up the Private Prison Industry LBJ in the News
Settlement of Sandra Bland lawsuit an important step in the right direction, but no panacea for ensuring safe jail conditions LBJ in the News
State housing foster children in a closed youth detention center LBJ in the News
Harris County Sheriff May Hand Over 17-Year-Olds to Private Prison Contractor LBJ in the News
Harris County considers shipping jailed teens to Central Texas LBJ in the News
Can a Police-Misconduct Lawsuit Lead to Reform? LBJ in the News
Private Prison Stocks Plummet LBJ in the News
What's Next for The Private Prison Industry LBJ in the News
Suicides At Bexar County Jail Explored LBJ in the News
Stuck in limbo: Feds say jails need separate housing for youngest inmates LBJ in the News
Ideas for diverting people with mental illness from the criminal justice system LBJ in the News
New white paper on pretrial release and bail reform in Texas LBJ in the News
Boys in Custody and the Women Who Abuse Them LBJ in the News
Law Could Set Stage for Juvenile Justice Reforms LBJ in the News
Trial Run for Revised Juvenile Justice System LBJ in the News
Senate approves bill to limit ticketing youth LBJ in the News
LBJ Professor Michele Deitch Hosts Convening of Criminal Justice Experts in Austin, Texas News
LBJ Publications
'White Lives Matter’, now a hate group, is part of a long arc of white supremacy LBJ Publications
As Summer Ends, Tensions Remain High Between Black Community and Police LBJ Publications
We need much more than soul searching LBJ Publications
Commentary: A day of horrors and martyrs LBJ Publications
"Waiver and Transfer of Juvenile to Adult Court" LBJ Publications
"Chapter 14: Behavior Management" LBJ Publications
"Chapter 1: Historical Perspective" LBJ Publications
"Restoring Rundberg: A community-research partnership" LBJ Publications
"Resident feedback on the Restore Rundberg community survey" LBJ Publications
"Prisons and crime: Backwards in high heels" LBJ Publications
"Assessment of adolescents" LBJ Publications
"An overview of juvenile justice and juvenile delinquency: Cases, definitions, trends, and intervention strategies" LBJ Publications
Juvenile justice sourcebook, 2nd edition LBJ Publications
"Crime, cash, and limited options: Explaining the prison boom" LBJ Publications
A Gift of the Universe LBJ Publications
"Specifying the relationship between crime and prison" LBJ Publications
"Common-sense solutions for Texas juvenile justice" LBJ Publications
"The Need for Independent Prison Oversight in a Post-PLRA World" LBJ Publications
Conditions for Certified Juveniles in Texas County Jails LBJ Publications
"Let the Sun Shine In: The ABA and Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
Juveniles in the Adult Criminal Justice System in Texas LBJ Publications
Opening Up a Closed World: What Constitutes Effective Prison Oversight? LBJ Publications
"Independent Correctional Oversight Mechanisms Across the United States: A 50-State Inventory" LBJ Publications
"Opening Up A Closed World: What Constitues Effective Prison Oversight?" LBJ Publications
"Distinguishing the Various Functions of Effective Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"Annotated Bibliography on Independent Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"Special Populations and the Importance of Prison Oversight" LBJ Publications
"The Young are Different, Justices Rule" LBJ Publications
Keeping Our Kids at Home: Expanding Community-Based Facilities for Adjudicated Youth in Texas LBJ Publications
From Time Out to Hard Time: Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System LBJ Publications
"A Brief Historical Overview of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency" LBJ Publications
"Report on the Texas Youth Commission Soap Opera" LBJ Publications
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