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Summer 2 2012 - 94570 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Climate Disaster Mgmt: Preparedness, Mitigation, Adaptation, Recovery & Reconstruction

Instructor(s): Eaton, David J.
Unique Number: 94570
Day & Time:
Room: University of the Philippines in Diliman
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Course Overview

Topics for these policy seminars have included environmental and natural resources policy, health-service delivery policy, social welfare policy, transportation policy, science and technology policy, international affairs, national security, urban and regional growth policy, and political campaigns.


Section Description

This course will take place at the University of the Philippines in Diliman from August 4 through August 14, 2012.

In 2008 the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC), Hiroshima University (HU) launched a program called “Global Environmental Leader Education Program for Designing a Low-Carbon Society (GELS Program) with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This program seeks to enable graduate students to become environmental leaders within their own county, capable of identifying problems and designing strategic solution on the national or local level from multiple perspectives. Under the GELS Program, each year IDEC manages a multi-national workshop where participants are able to develop appropriate skills to achieve program objectives. During 2012, IDEC/HU plans to offer the workshop in cooperation with University of the Philippines in Diliman and The University of Texas at Austin under the theme of “Climate Disaster Management: Preparedness, Mitigation, Adoption, Recovery and Reconstruction” Climate disaster management will be discussed from both a governmental and developing countries citizen’s perspective. In this workshop participants will learn about: (a) climate information and existing alert systems; (b) urban and infrastructure planning, and (c) community hazard management and evaluation strategies. Utilizing materials and contents of the lectures, participants will undertake specific applied project assignments given at the beginning of the workshop and seek to gain practice in how to formulate and plan tools for climate disaster management.

Instructor approval is necessary to take this course.  Please contact Dr. David Eaton ( if you have interest in taking this course.