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Spring 2014 - 63275 - PA325 - Topics in Policy

Advanced Seminar in Ethical Leadership

Instructor(s): Prince, Howard T.
Unique Number: 63275
Day & Time: Th 2:00 pm -5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.212/221
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Course Overview

These undergraduate elective seminars cover a wide range of public affairs issues. Among recent topics are ethical leadership, modern American social policy, and philanthropy.

Section Description

The purpose of this course is for you to acquire knowledge about leadership so you can lead and follow more effectively and ethically. It will also help you continue the journey of self- discovery, a journey that lasts a lifetime if you choose to lead. My intent is that you will learn new ideas about leadership, strengthen important leadership skills, and discover your hidden potential for leadership. I also want you to learn the value of good followership and its importance in the complicated interaction between leaders and followers. You will have many more opportunities to be a follower than a leader, especially early in your life. I believe you will enjoy the follower role much more and be able to contribute much more effectively if you understand the important role that good followers play in any leadership process. I also want you to acquire greater sensitivity to the ethical dimensions of leadership. Learning to recognize the importance of questions of purpose and to understand leadership as a form of service to others is an important insight and a balance to one’s personal ambitions. You will also learn how to recognize bad leaders and what to do, or not to do, as an exemplary follower.