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Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19: A Policy Toolkit

Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19

Twenty-nine LBJ School authors have come together to craft interdisciplinary and resilience-based policy solutions, published in a policy toolkit, which trains a forward-thinking lens on what went wrong and what it will take to fix the system flaws exposed by the pandemic.


By LBJ Urban Lab Director Steven W. Pedigo

Leadership & Decision-Making

The Reckoning: A New Role for Schools of Public Affairs
By LBJ School Dean Angela Evans

Community Resilience: Doing Better at Figuring Out Who Does What
By Professor Donald F. Kettl

Historical Thinking for Resilient Leaders
By Professor Jeremi Suri

Understanding Distributional Impacts Is Key to Community Resilience
By D. Cale Reeves, Vivek Shastry and Associate Dean for Research Varun Rai

Public Finance

The Case for Revenue Sharing: Fiscal Equalization and the COVID-19 Recession
By Professor James K. Galbraith, Professor of Practice Michael Lind and Assistant Professor Martin J. Luby

Minimizing the Financial Risks to State and Local Governments Through Asset-Liability Management
By Assistant Professor Martin J. Luby

Global Development

The New Debt Trap: COVID-19 and Global Development
By Professor Catherine Weaver and Rachel Rosenberg

Emergency Cash Transfers During COVID-19: Implementation Lessons for the Global South
By Ana Canedo, Assistant Professor Raissa Fabregas and Megan Morris

Intelligence & National Security

Intelligence Lessons From COVID: Being "Right" Is Not Enough
By Clinical Professor J. Paul Pope

The World That COVID Made: What Should American Foreign Policy Do?
By Associate Professor William Inboden

Community Well-Being & Public Health

Healthy Communities Are Resilient Communities, Resilient Communities Are Healthy Communities
By Clinical Professor Sherri R. Greenberg and Assistant Professor Michael K. Hole

A Roadmap to Rebuilding an Early Childhood System of Care
By Associate Professor Cynthia Osborne

Correcting Corrections: Lessons for Prisons and Jails in a Post-COVID World
By Distinguished Senior Lecturer Michele Deitch

Cultivating Community Resilience Through Nonprofit Connections
By Sydney Wilburn, Alyssa Studer, Moira Porter and David W. Springer

Inclusion & Economic Development

Increasing Community Resilience Through Immigrant Incorporation
By Professor of Public Policy Practice Ruth Ellen Wasem

Toward a More Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development Paradigm
By Professor of Practice Steven W. Pedigo

Climate Change

Bouncing Forward: How Lessons From the Pandemic Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change
By Assistant Professor R. Patrick Bixler, Paola Passalacqua and Regina M. Buono

An Action Plan for Protecting the Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands
By Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs Jurgen Schmandt and George Ward