Dual-Generation Strategy Initiative


In partnership with the Foundation for Child Development, the Ray Marshall Center is implementing a Dual-Generation Strategy Initiative. This project seeks to create and promote the field of “dual-generation” strategies, those in which children simultaneously participate in high-quality early and primary education (PreK-3rd) while their parents participate in leading-edge workforce development and education programs ultimately leading to long-term learning and economic success for low-skilled, low-income families in the United States.

The goals of the project are to improve the understanding of dual-generation strategies among policymakers, researchers, and funders, as well as, foster the implementation of dual-generation strategies at the federal and state levels.

The project potentially has four (4) phases, the first two of which FCD is funding through the Center:

Phase I: Getting Ready &Convening (April - February 2012) will provide necessary groundwork for the initiative, develop the conceptual framework for dual-generation strategies, and convene policymakers, researchers, and funders to set the stage for moving forward.
Phase II: Implementation Planning (February 2012 - May 2013) will engage in detailed planning for a policy initiative and a pilot demonstration of dual-generation program strategies.
Phase III: Pilot Implementation (April 2013 - August 2015) will provide policy support to states/sites promoting dual-generation policies and technical assistance to support pilot project implementation for a multi-site demonstration of dual generation strategies over a period of more than three years.
Phase IV: Research Agenda & Evaluation (April 2011 - August 2015), occurring simultaneously with the other three phases, will have a research team craft a multi-year dual-generation research agenda and develop an initial evaluation design for the planned multi-site pilot demonstration.

The Foundation for Child Development (FCD) is a national private philanthropy in New York City dedicated to promoting a new beginning for American education from PreKindergarten through Third Grade (PreK-3rd). PreK-3rd Grade Education is a seamless learning continuum, connecting high-quality PreK programs with high-quality elementary schools, to create a well-aligned primary education for all our nation's children. The Foundation promotes the well-being of children, and believes that families, schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governments at all levels share complementary responsibilities in the critical task of raising new generations.

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King, Christopher
Foundation for Child Development
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April 2011-June 2013
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