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LBJ Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month burnt orange graphic

Hispanic Heritage Month at the LBJ School

Sept. 13, 2023
At the LBJ School, during this Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proud to celebrate the remarkable people and pursuits who enrich our community.

Rural America’s business growth is rooted in surprising factors

July 6, 2023
Local banks, a diverse and young population, a significant immigrant community, and the availability of vital health care infrastructure such as elder care and child care services are the unexpected predictors of business creation in rural America, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at the LBJ School.

Lebermann Foundation boosts transformational health policy research at the LBJ School

April 4, 2023
Transformational health policy research gets a major boost at the LBJ School thanks to a gift from the Lebermann Foundation in honor of Lowell Henry Lebermann, Jr., a three-term Austin City Council member, former University of Texas System regent and a civic, cultural and business leader.

UT researchers aim to get one step further in helping reduce falls and depression among homebound older adults

June 13, 2022
Namkee Choi from UT School of Social Work is principal investigator and LBJ health economist Todd Olmstead serves as a co-investigator.   

LBJ School health economist studies programs designed to promote addiction recovery

June 1, 2022
Todd Olmstead will serve as co-principal investigator and co-investigator on two NIH grants totaling $15M  

In Texas, anyone who mails abortion pills can now be sent to jail

Dec. 7, 2021
"As the Supreme Court continues to mull over the future of Texas’s six-week abortion ban, the additional restrictions on medication-induced abortions are designed to curb an area that has been hard

Austin-area residential treatment program improves mental health, saves taxpayers millions

July 29, 2021
An Austin-area residential mental health care facility is treating a large population experiencing homelessness while saving the local health care system millions annually, according to new peer-re

Todd Olmstead on team awarded $3.5M grant to study peer recovery support in substance use treatment

April 9, 2021
LBJ School Professor of Public Affairs Todd Olmstead is a co-investigator on a recently awarded National Institutes of Health grant to examine the

Local government efforts to mitigate the novel coronavirus pandemic among older adults

Article, Refereed Journal
Journal of Aging & Social Policy
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As the coronavirus crisis spreads swiftly through the population, it takes a particularly heavy toll on minority individuals and older adults, with older minority adults at especially high risk. Given the shockingly high rates of infections and deaths in nursing homes, staying in the community appears to be a good option for older adults in this crisis, but in order for some older adults to do so much assistance is required. This situation draws attention to the need for benevolent intervention on the part of the state should older adults become ill or lose their sources of income and support during the crisis. This essay provides a brief overview of public support and the financial and health benefits for older individuals who remain in the community during the pandemic. It reports the case example of Austin, Texas, a city with a rapidly aging and diverse population of almost a million residents, to ask how we can assess the success of municipalities in responding to the changing needs of older adults in the community due to COVID-19. It concludes with a discussion of what governmental and non-governmental leadership can accomplish in situations such as that brought about by the current crisis.
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Health Care and Health Policy

LBJ School teams with Dell Med to train future physician leaders

Nov. 16, 2020
Left: LBJ/Dell faculty member Dr. Abigail Aiken presents her research findings to Irish Parliament ahead of a historic referendum on abortion in 2017.
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