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The Governor’s Center provides leadership and organizational development services to thousands of managers and leaders each year. Program participants come from all levels of government in the United States as well as internationally. Our mission is to improve organizational effectiveness through the development of leaders and organizations. We believe it is critical to define the skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors needed by managers and leaders to achieve excellence. We are dedicated to developing and delivering educational courses and services that will assist leaders and organizations in striving for that excellence.

What participants say…

“Awesome training! Great opportunities for sharing to ensure understanding. The instructors are clearly confident in the knowledge.”
“Very relevant and on target. Spirited, knowledgeable instructors.”
“This has been one of the best and most beneficial training sessions I have taken!”
“The classes at the Governors Center seem to draw the cream of the crop… those people really create a self-motivating environment. Love it!”
“Excellent instructors who are passionate about what they do. Really enjoyed the program...beneficial, both from a professional and personal growth standpoint.”


Executive Programs

Senior Management Program
Designed to address current personal, professional, and organizational issues relevant to senior level executives

Executive Leadership for Information Technology Excellence (ELITE)
Designed to develop executive competencies for leadership roles in IT departments

Governor's Executive Development Program (GEDP)
Designed to develop leadership competencies for government and higher education executives