Faculty members at the LBJ School of Public Affairs are dedicated to pursuing impactful research on important public policy and management issues.

Resources through the Urban Program and International Program of the Policy Research Institute will provide grant funding to 12 LBJ School faculty members for 2017–2018, to pursue important research projects on complex issues ranging from health, environment and economics to national security and foreign policy.


Martin Luby, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, “A Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of Financial Derivatives by Subnational Governments Before and After the Financial Crisis”


Joshua Busby, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, “Global Climate Governance in the Absence of U.S. Leadership: The Role of China and India”

Jurgen Schmandt, Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs, “Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands”

Foreign Policy

Joshua Eisenman, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, “China and Africa: A New Century of Engagement”

Lorinc Redei, Lecturer, “Parliamentary Powers on Paper and in Practice: The European Parliament and the European Union’s Foreign Policy”

Catherine Weaver, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, “The Networked Power and Pathologies of Global Ratings and Rankings”


Abigail Aiken, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, “The Impacts of Restrictive Abortion Laws in Eire: Women’s Experiences and Opportunities for Policy Change”

Jacqueline Angel, Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology, “Binational Harmonization of Hispanic Health and Aging Surveys: UT Austin/National Institute of Geriatrics, Mexico (INGER)”

Erin Lentz, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, “Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index”

Paul von Hippel, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, “Have States Reduced Obesity by Increasing Physical Education Time?”


Robert Hutchings, Walt and Elspeth Rostow Chair in National Security and Professor of Public Affairs, “Truth to Power: A History of the U.S. National Intelligence Council”

Alan Kuperman, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, “Libya: Moral Hazard Redux?”

More about the PRI Awards

The Urban Program provides funding for research projects on public policy issues of metropolitan areas, regionalism and intergovernmental relations in the U.S. and abroad. The International Program provides funding for research that will enhance understanding of issues in the international arena.

These competitive awards are designed to support research by tenured and tenure track faculty and are expected to enhance the LBJ School’s visibility in academic and policy communities. These 15 month PRI awards assist faculty in conducting research while also continuing full-time teaching loads.