Opinion: Texas must lead the charge on climate change | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin
Houston Chronicle
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Steven Pedigo, director of the LBJ Urban Lab, and Laura Huffman (MPAff '91), Texas state director of the Nature Conservancy, write that Texas should be at the forefront of creating policies for cities to deal with climate change, and point to Proposition 8, legislation on the ballot this November that would create a statewide flood planning process that would create a fund for flood infrastructure projects.

"Climate change is upon us, and Texas is feeling its effects. While Harvey got Texans talking about the need for a more resilient infrastructure, Imelda brought home its urgency. Building greener Texas cities with climate-ready infrastructure and energy efficient economies is not an option but an absolute economic necessity."


"As we see it, Texas has a choice, which is to lead or be led. We can continue to expand our hardscapes and our flood risks while we wait for the next devastating storm—or, we can roll up our sleeves and lay the groundwork for the next century of growth."