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FeatureAugust 13, 2021

Why LBJ? Incoming students on why they're here, and how they want to change the world

Expert thinkers and doers are always critically important in public policy, and given the remarkable speed of change and the complexity of challenges that we as a society face, the need for dedicated, passionate and well-trained public servants has never been clearer. New LBJ students have answered the call to service in a tremendous way. This incoming class includes more than 250 new master's degree students and nine Ph.D. students.

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FeatureAugust 13, 2021

Fall 2021 classes focus on topics from intelligence and foreign policy to Black politics and COVID

In many ways, "public policy" world is as varied as the people who practice it. There is no one path to it; thinkers and doers pursue their passion for service for so many different reasons. The LBJ School was founded to improve the quality of public service in the United States and abroad at all levels of governance and civic engagement. We practice this through interdisciplinary scholarship, hands-on experience and a customizable educational experience that allows students to develop unique skills and expertise.

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NewsJune 23, 2021

Inaugural Juneteenth Summit celebrates a new birth of American freedom, racial justice and equity

The LBJ School of Public Affairs and The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at The University of Texas at Austin explored the history and honored the legacy of Juneteenth with the inaugural Juneteenth Freedom Summit on June 19, 2021.

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Media MentionApril 16, 2021

Derek Chauvin's trial is not justice for Black Americans

As arguments in the Derek Chauvin murder trial concluded, the picture prosecutors painted over 11 days was a damning one that the defense spent a mere two days trying to rebut. The story of George Floyd's death may be moving toward the ending that many of us have hoped for: a guilty verdict. Why, then, doesn't it feel like justice?

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NewsApril 2, 2021

April 2: Faculty Research, Policy Engagement and News

10 features from the week  Patrick Bixler spoke to the Associated Press about philanthropic gifts and scientific discovery after former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy, gave $150 million to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for research in biology and AI. 

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Media MentionMarch 31, 2021

Witnesses make a devastating case against Derek Chauvin and a history of injustice

The trial of Derek Chauvin on second-degree murder charges in the killing of George Floyd has cast a bright spotlight, one that forces Americans to re-confront the police violence that helped trigger a transformative social movement. It also demands we pay attention to the deeper connections between this act of violence -- that so many of us are now reliving as we watch testimony unfold live -- and America's long and troubling history of racial injustice.

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NewsMarch 26, 2021

March 26: Faculty Research, Policy Engagement and News

10 features from the week 

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Media MentionMarch 25, 2021

Mass shootings show what is poisoning American democracy

The recent shootings in Boulder and Atlanta have put the issue of gun violence at the center of America's national discussion, and both tragedies demand greater attention be paid to how racism and gun violence, especially mass shootings, intersect. Specifically, America's legal, educational, and policy structures must untangle the relationship between gun violence, race, democracy, and public safety.

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Media MentionMarch 24, 2021

A convergence of racial reckoning for Black and Asian Americans

The mass shooting that left eight people dead last week in the Atlanta area, including six female Asian spa workers, represents an inflection point in America's long, troubled and continuous history of anti-Asian racism. Anti-Asian racism is white supremacy, hands down.

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Media MentionMarch 10, 2021

The voters the GOP wants to silence

While Americans should rightfully applaud (and many are) the voter rights advocacy and organizing done by Stacey Abrams, the voter education campaign waged by the WNBA and LeBron James' continued investment in protecting the franchise for African Americans, the fact that they have to do such work almost 60 years after the Voting Rights Act is a national tragedy.

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