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NewsMay 8, 2018

Ranking teacher-prep programs on value-added is usually futile

Last year Congress repealed a federal rule that would have required states to rank teacher-preparation programs according to their graduates’ impact on student test scores. Yet 21 states and Washington, DC still choose to rank programs in this way. Can student test performance reliably identify more and less effective teacher-preparation programs? In a new article for Education Next, Paul T. von Hippel of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and Laura Bellows of Duke University find that the answer is usually no.

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FeatureMay 1, 2018

New research challenges Kentucky Derby post positions

On Tuesday, May 1, the Churchill Downs race track held a random draw to determine the post positions of horses entered in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. New research from Paul von Hippel, an associate professor of public affairs, and LBJ School master’s students George Basaly, Ashlee Frandell and Laura Santos finds that post position may not matter at all. In fact, the research finds post position has little or no effect on a horse’s chances to win, place or show.

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NewsJune 15, 2017

LBJ School Student-Drafted Legislation Passes House Higher Education Committee

Six LBJ School students wrote a bill to improve coordination between high schools and higher education institutions regarding dual-credit courses.

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Media MentionJune 5, 2017

Year-round school is booming — but its benefits are over-hyped

People tend to blame academic setbacks on summer vacation, but LBJ researcher Paul von Hippel says the real culprit is economic in nature.

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NewsMay 5, 2017

Policy Research Institute Provides LBJ School Faculty Opportunities for Worldwide Research

Policy Research Institute funding will grant 12 LBJ School faculty members the opportunity to pursue important research projects on complex, relevant policy issues.

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Media MentionDecember 23, 2016

Summer may be the most fattening time of year for kids

Paul von Hippel's research confronts childhood obesity risks.

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Media MentionDecember 18, 2016

Will winter break cause your kids to gain weight? Study from University of Texas would say so

Paul von Hippel's research suggests the potential for childhood weight gain goes up when kids are out of school. 

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Media MentionNovember 11, 2016

Childhood Obesity and Diabetes Prevention: Understand the Dangers of Soda and Sugar Consumption Among Kids

Research findings suggest that the summer months—when children are out of school—are an important area of focus in combating childhood obesity.

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Media MentionNovember 2, 2016

Children Are Most Likely To Gain Weight In Summer, Not Winter

Research suggests summer break is a high-risk time when it comes to childhood obesity.

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Media MentionNovember 2, 2016

For Schoolchildren, Weights Rise Along With Summer Temperatures

Paul von Hippel's research suggests schools can't fully solve the issues behind childhood obesity.

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