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Media MentionJune 19, 2017

Forced to Endure Extreme Heat, Prisoners Are Casualties of Texas' Climate Denial, Documents Show

At least 22 prisoners have died in Texas prisons due to extreme heat. Criminal justice expert and LBJ Professor Michele Deitch discusses. 

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Media MentionJune 8, 2017

Watchdogs revealed crisis in Maine’s youth prison. LePage let them go.

LBJ Professor and criminal justice expert Michele Deitch discusses independent oversight in jails and prisons. 

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Media MentionMay 10, 2017

Raise the age

A century-old law on the books in Texas provides that all 17-year-olds arrested in Texas, including juveniles who have committed misdemeanors, are automatically sent through the adult system, regardless of their alleged offense, their maturity level or their personal or criminal history, according to a legislative briefing report prepared by University of Texas at Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs.

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NewsApril 27, 2017

Research from the LBJ School Informs Raise the Age Bill

LBJ School faculty, students and alumni are working to transform the juvenile justice system.

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NewsApril 13, 2017

The LBJ School Celebrates Students, Faculty, Staff Dedicated to Inclusive Community

The LBJ School of Public Affairs has named the winners of its inaugural Dean’s Advancement for Inclusion Awards, created to highlight the activities of LBJ students, faculty and staff dedicated to fostering an inclusive community.

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Media MentionApril 10, 2017

Harris County jail cited for leaving two inmates in transport van overnight

Just over a month after its last citation, the Harris County jail got dinged again by the state officials after leaving two inmates unattended in a van overnight and well into the next afternoon. LBJ Professor and criminal justice expert Michele Deitch called the incident an "extraordinarily unusual set of circumstances," but said that prisoner transport has long been problematic.

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Media MentionMarch 20, 2017

Law enforcement groups oppose some of the bills filed in response to Sandra Bland's death

Sandra Bland's death in the Waller County Jail in July 2015 sparked public outrage and calls for changes to the criminal justice system. LBJ professor and criminal justice expert Michele Deitch discusses how police encounters can escalate. 

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Media MentionMarch 13, 2017

Prisoners in Hawaii Are Being Sent to Die in Private Prisons in Arizona

Hawaii's solution to prison overcrowding brought new problems—chief among them oversight. LBJ professor and criminal justice expert Michele Deitch discusses independent oversight with VICE. 

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Media MentionMarch 9, 2017

Sandra Bland Act could make sweeping changes

Opponents say the Sandra Bland Act would strip peace officers of vital tools. LBJ Professor Michele Deitch weighs in. 

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Media MentionFebruary 28, 2017

Private Prison Firms Gain as Trump Plans to Crack Down on Crime, Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration’s vow to be tougher on crime and illegal immigration plus his top law enforcement officer’s endorsement of privately run prisons have sent shares of private prison management companies soaring. LBJ Professor Michele Deitch discusses. 

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