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Newsworthy for Busby, Joshua W.

Media MentionJuly 2, 2018

Warming World

LBJ Professor Joshua Busby explains why climate change matters more than anything else.     

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NewsMay 31, 2018

LBJ School professors shine light on Americans’ perception of intelligence agencies

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers explore the proper role of intelligence in democracy. AUSTIN, Texas (May 31, 2018) –  A new study from professors at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin aims to shed light on Americans’ perception of intelligence agencies, and to test the claim that efforts by these agencies to be more open will enhance democratic legitimacy. Key findings include:

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Media MentionMay 25, 2018

Trump's NASA Leader Should Explain His 'Evolution' on Climate Change

Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) was sworn in as NASA administrator in April, after facing criticism over his past skepticism of anthropogenic climate change. During a Wednesday meeting of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, however, Bridenstine conceded to Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) that his viewpoint has evolved, and he no longer disputes “that human activity is the dominant cause of global warming.”

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Media MentionApril 2, 2018

Is social movement enough to ignite change in gun laws?

Since the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, state lawmakers have struggled to get new major gun laws passed. Students have been leading the way toward changing that in a social movement that now spans across the world. Josh Busby discusses social movements and their impact. 

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Media MentionFebruary 15, 2018

4 things to know about the Trump budget's environmental cuts

Like last year’s budget, the Trump administration’s 2019 budget proposes large cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. And it eliminates explicit climate change programs in other parts of the government and cuts spending for climate change-related monitoring, alternative energy, energy efficiency and flood prevention. LBJ Professor Josh Busby discusses 4 things to know. 

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Media MentionJanuary 9, 2018

Green Giants? Sectoral Obstacles and Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in China and India

This post discusses the feasibility of reducing emissions in China and India.

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NewsJanuary 8, 2018

What's in Store for 2018? LBJ Faculty Make Their Predictions

After an eventful 2017, what's in store for the new year? Professors from the LBJ School offer their best predictions, explaining what to keep an eye on and what may be at stake. 

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NewsDecember 20, 2017

LBJ Prof. Josh Busby Explores Leadership in Climate Regime without U.S. Federal Government

Busby, who began studying climate and security in 2004, is the lead researcher on a three-year, $1.9 million Department of Defense (DoD) funded project called “Complex Emergencies and Political Stability in Asia” (CEPSA).

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Media MentionSeptember 28, 2017

Will Hurricane Harvey and other storms spur action on climate change?

Despite three major hurricanes battering the country this year, political experts predict there will be no immediate federal policy to address climate change, and Republicans and Democrats will stay staunchly divided on the issue.

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NewsJune 23, 2017

LBJ Professors Receive "Insight to Innovation" Grant Awards

LBJ Professors Joshua Busby and David Eaton have each earned grant awards from The University of Texas at Austin's IC2 Institute to support their ongoing global research.

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