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Historian Jeremi Suri Blogs on the Liberation of Libya and the Fall of the Gadhafi Regime

Global Briefs

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jeremi Suri, Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and Department of History, at The University of Texas, has been speaking out on the fall of the Moammar Gadhafi regime and the liberation of Libya in postings to the blog "Global Briefs." 

"The downfall of Moammar Gadhafi’s repressive, corrupt, and terroristic regime in Libya is worthy of celebration. For forty-two years this man and his family held the people of Libya hostage," writes Suri in his blog. "For forty-two years this tyrant supported fellow dictators throughout the region. For forty-two years, this exponent of violence encouraged waves of terrorism directed at innocent civilians in the United States, Western Europe, Israel, and other countries. Gadhafi’s overthrow is a rare piece of good news during what has been a summer of economic and political despair..."

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