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Obama Health Team Turns To Carrying Out Law

The New York Times

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WASHINGTON — The success of the new health care law depends to a large degree on a handful of Obama administration officials, who are scrambling to make the transition from waging political war on Capitol Hill to managing one of the most profound changes in social policy in generations.

For these officials, the task of carrying out the law may be as much of a challenge as getting it enacted.

Jay Angoff, a longtime consumer advocate and nemesis of the insurance industry, will lead efforts to regulate insurers and insurance markets.
Jeanne M. Lambrew, an idealistic veteran of the Clinton White House, is carrying out provisions of the law aimed at expanding coverage.
And Phyllis C. Borzi, a top Labor Department official, will police the conduct of employers, who provide health benefits to more than 150 million Americans.
Their task is to translate the promise of the law into reality, with help from the private sector, if possible.
Joseph R. Antos, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, asked: “After spending so many months trashing the health insurance industry, will officials be able to calm down enough to be able to talk to the industry and the experts who will be running the new system? You need their input. It’s essential to get technical insights from people in the industry who were largely ignored in the political process.”
Here are profiles of three top members of the Obama team.


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