MGPS Student Connects Data, Sustainability in Uganda | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Second-year Master of Global Policy Studies student Hina Acharya spent the summer as an intern for the Open Sustainability Institute in Kampala, Uganda.

Her Mission: To help OSI make environmental and sustainability data openly available to everyone in Uganda.

“As a result of climate change, farmers in Uganda are going through devastating periods of famine,” she explains. “These farmers need environmental and weather-related data to make decisions on when to plant and harvest. Currently, there is no centralized system in Uganda that holds environmental data.”

Real World Experience: One of Hina’s projects included working alongside fellow MGPS student Paul Kuhne to design an Open Data Repository to host open and accessible environmental data. In addition, the internship gave her the opportunity to travel through all the regions of Uganda and talk with residents about sustainability and resilience strategies.

“The country is full of young entrepreneurs with a vision. I have been to countries where the youth focus on leaving to find a better life abroad. While there is certainly brain drain in Uganda also, I was inspired by the number of young people determined to stay and establish their careers in Uganda and make their country a better place.”