Meet your MGPS Advisor: Lorinc Redei | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

The LBJ School boasts a close-knit community made up of fearless, impassioned students, cutting-edge research faculty members and leading policy practitioners.

We create an environment that encourages students to personalize both their degree and career path while receiving mentorship from nationally and internationally recognized scholars and experts.

"The global policy studies program is a small, close-knit community anchored in a huge, Tier-1 research university that is UT Austin."
—Lorinc Redei, assistant professor of instruction

Lorinc Redei, an LBJ School assistant professor of instruction and a former press officer in the European Parliament, serves as the graduate advisor to students enrolled in the Master of Global Policy Studies (MGPS) program, helping students customize their degree, gain professional skills and effectively network in a shifting global landscape.

What do you do as a graduate adviser for the MGPS program?

I help our students with all of their academic and professional questions: whether it's about choosing classes and planning their curriculum, exploring internship options or career paths, or simply trying to figure out who at the university can help them with their research or their area of interest.

Why do you enjoy working with LBJ School students?

I like interacting with students, and as grad advisor I get to know all of them. Everyone has a different focus, and it's a pleasure to hear about what they're passionate about and what drives them to want to study global policy.

What is unique about the LBJ School or the MGPS program?

The global policy studies program is a small, close-knit community (each class is around 50 students), anchored in a huge, Tier-1 research university that is UT Austin. So students get the benefits of great access to LBJ professors, the chance to do research with them, and lots of individual mentoring—but they can also benefit from the incredibly diverse offerings of many other schools and departments on campus.

Do you have anything you want to add?

For the first time since I remember, our LBJ intramural basketball team ("The Great Scoring Society") got into the playoffs—I'm hoping the fall semester brings more recruits, fans and glory to the court!

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About the Master of Global Policy Studies Program

Through a rigorous core program, hands-on application and options for customization, the Master of Global Policy Studies degree provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of global policy issues. Graduates are prepared for careers in sectors like national security and intelligence, international development, global governance, energy and global environmental policy.