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Media Mention August 31, 2020

Austin Plans Big Investment To Help Stop Residents From Getting Forced Out By Any New Transit Lines

Austin voters will decide in November whether to raise property taxes to help pay for Project Connect, the transit expansion plan. Leaders promise the construction of new train and bus lines will help ease future congestion and provide much-needed jobs. LBJ's Steven Pedigo talks about

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Media Mention August 28, 2020

Thousands turn out for 57th anniversary of the March on Washington

Fifty-seven years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech at the first March on Washington, thousands gathered once again at the nation's capital to demand racial justice and police reform. Dr. Peniel Joseph, founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and

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Media Mention August 27, 2020

Are most white Americans guilty of 'supremacy' or just 'privilege'?

The history of white supremacy is complex and the meaning of that term is often disputed. For more on that topic, The World's host Carol Hills spoke with Peniel Joseph, the founder of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Media Mention August 27, 2020

MLK's March on Washington speech foretold this seismic moment

March on Washington 2020, nicknamed by organizers "Get Your Knees off Our Necks," took place on the 57th Anniversary of the March On Washington. This year's march, which is focused on ending police brutality by reimagining public safety, occurs amid a year of plague and moral and political

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Media Mention August 26, 2020

Celebration of women’s suffrage continues with League of Women Voters event

The centennial celebration of the ratification of the 19th Amendment continued Wednesday as the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area hosted a virtual celebration honoring women’s efforts to further democracy over the past 100 years.

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Media Mention August 23, 2020

Yes, American cities and towns welcome immigrants

Despite the shrill anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the White House and certain right-wing groups, more than two-thirds of Americans state that current immigration levels are fine (36 percent) or should be increased (34 percent).

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Media Mention August 17, 2020

The Missing Management Practice: Linking Metrics to Rewards

In a National Academy of Public Administration review of the PMA by a panel of experts, “Perspectives on the President’s Management Agenda,” Don Kettl opened with an overview that concluded the PMA is “a world-class plan for transforming the government and, between the lines, a powerful

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Media Mention August 16, 2020

One question hung over 2008 Games: Would they change China?

LBJ's Sheena Greitens told the Associated Press that the world financial crisis that followed the 2008 Olympics by a month, and the rise of General Secretary Xi Jinping, changed China far more than Olympic spectacle. “The Beijing Olympics get the attention of viewers who don’t necessarily pay lots of attention to global politics and foreign policy otherwise, and that heightens the impact of hosting the Olympics on overall public attention to China,” she wrote in an email.

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Media Mention August 15, 2020

N.J. prison watchdog just got new powers to curb abuse. Advocates fear they won’t be used.

Months before New Jersey prisoners began dying with the coronavirus at the highest rate in the country, lawmakers quietly beefed up oversight of state prisons. Under a law sgned earlier this year, the ombudsman overseeing state prisons in New Jersey gets broad investigatory powers, making the official one of the strongest in the United States, said LBJ's Michele Deitch.

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Media Mention August 14, 2020

Just How Far Will Trump Go?

LBJ's Donald F. Kettl offers some context for The Atlantic's Ronald Brownstein as he examines how "the president has dramatically accelerated the pace of his efforts to weaponize the federal government to his advantage."

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