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Media Mention August 29, 2019

Mayor expects homeless camping restrictions to be announced Friday

On Thursday, Mayor Adler spoke at a forum with other city leaders about solutions to homelessness in Austin.


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Media Mention August 20, 2019

Electricity as Coercion: Is There a Risk of Strategic Denial of Service?

"Increasing interconnection of electricity systems both within and between countries has much promise to help support clean energy power systems of the future," argue Amy Myers Jaffe, LBJ Professor Joshua Busby, Sarang Shidore, a visiting scholar at the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin, and Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute and a professor of public policy at the Colorado School of Mines in this blog post for the Council on Foreign Relations. 

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Media Mention August 16, 2019

Opinion: Is a purple wave coming to Texas in 2020?

"Look past the presidential race and there are indications Texas is rapidly moving from red to purple politically. In just the past few weeks, three Republican congressmen in the crosshairs of Democrats have retired rather than face stiff challenges in 2020," Professor Paul Stekler argues in the Austin American-Statesman. 

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Media Mention August 15, 2019

Opinion: What starts in Texas cities can change the world

"From a policy perspective, Texas’s cities present a major challenge, but they also represent an incredible opportunity for innovation that could have an impact that resonates far beyond its borders," writes LBJ Professor Steven Pedigo. He outlines why cities in Texas are such a rich subject for policy research and explains the mission of the LBJ School's new initiative, the LBJ Urban Lab. 

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Media Mention August 13, 2019

America's Little-Known Mission to Support Al Qaeda's Role in Libya

The rebellion in Libya was led by Islamist veterans of wars in the Middle East. Thus, the United States and its allies, not realizing it at the time, intervened to support a group of terrorists, writes LBJ Professor Alan Kupreman. 

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Media Mention August 5, 2019

3 Texas teens charged after 19-minute beat-down caught on camera in Waco-area juvenile prison

LBJ Senior Lecturer Michele Deitch is quoted in the Houston Chronicle on youth violence in a juvenile prison in Texas. 

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Media Mention July 28, 2019

Why a Dallas judge made the rare decision to have a 16-year-old tried as an adult in rape, murder case

The decision to order 16-year-old Lenario Washington, who police say committed several rapes and a murder, as an adult was unusual, made because the judge said the "public was in need of protection." The juvenile justice system typically focuses on trying to rehabilitate accused offenders

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Media Mention July 28, 2019

Against fresh faces in race to unseat John Cornyn, Dallas' Royce West says his record sets him apart

The 66-year-old Dallas power broker has made winning look easy. Will it be easy in 2020? 

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Media Mention July 28, 2019

The United States’ Gas Flare-Up

LBJ Professor Joshua Busby and Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute and a professor of public policy at the Colorado School of Mines, outline why an environmental and economic problem that was on the decline is back with a vengeance.

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Media Mention July 17, 2019

What ‘metering’ really looks like in South Texas

Stephanie Leutert,  director of the Strauss Center’s Central America / Mexico Policy Initiative, writes about her experiences seeing the "metering" program along the Mexican border, noting that 18,000-people are waiting along the border due the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) metering policy. 

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