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Media Mention

NATO "Broke" Libya

"Newsday," BBC, February 17, 2015, interviewed by Alan Kasujja.

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Giving 17-year-olds second chance requires support of Whitmire

When it comes to criminal justice, we certainly respect the wisdom and experience of Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, who has spent much of his 30 years in the Texas Senate working on those issues. His leadership on criminal justice matters is recognized on both sides of the aisle. As chair of the

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Final shipment of weapons-grade uranium due at Ontario facility this year

The United States has approved what is expected to be the last shipment of weapons-grade uranium to be sent to Canada for the production of medical isotopes.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission signed an export licence June 23 to transport 8.1 kilograms of highly enriched uranium from

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The Bitter Lessons of America’s Intervention in Libya

“How could we have done something so stupid,” asked University of Texas professor Alan J. Kuperman at the Charles Koch Institute’s (CKI) July 14 panel “What are the Lessons of Libya?”  For answers to this question, over 100 audience members filled a conference hall in Washington, DC’s Mayflower

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