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American universities need support from all quarters

With all the recent attacks on higher education in the United States, perhaps most noticeably in funding cuts to public universities, one has to wonder how Americans created and supported our great universities in the first place. How was it that settlers in a state like Texas, who were

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Greece's Next Move

As soon as the battle between Greece and its creditors ended, with the two sides agreeing to a four-month extension of Greece’s financial bailout, the battle over who had won began. Wolfgang Schäuble, the hard-line German finance minister, declared that the new Greek government, led by the

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Final U.S. shipment of weapons-grade uranium coming to Canada

What’s believed to be the last controversial shipment of U.S. weapons-grade uranium to Canada has been approved, according to new documents.

A license to export to 8.1 kilograms of highly-enriched uranium (HEU) to the Chalk River Laboratories, northwest of Ottawa, was signed last week by

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Seton, UT team up to study regional healthcare needs

Two large Austin-area medical and social research institutions are about to embark upon a series of studies that will examine the shortcomings of the region’s medical system.

Seton Healthcare Family and the University of Texas’ Center for Health and Social Policy at the LBJ School of

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