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Texas Researcher Gets $3.5M To Study How Arts Groups Attract Fans

Operas, ballet groups and theatre companies are finding it’s getting harder to keep audiences engaged. A new study aims to find out what works — and what doesn’t.

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County jail reform

If any good can come from the untimely death of Sandra Bland in the Waller County Jail last month, it's the spotlight now being directed toward jails across the state, whether large urban jails such as Harris County or smaller lockups like the one in Hempstead where officials say Bland committed

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Former Intelligence Official: Privacy is a 'Trade-Off' in the Fight Against Terrorism

France is in its second day of bombing ISIS targets after last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. The country is targeting the group’s stronghold in Raqqua. Tuesday, Russia declared a downed passenger jet in Egypt the work of ISIS, due to what Vladimir Putin said was a homegrown bomb. The

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TRANSITIONS - Angela Evans

Angela Evans, former deputy director of the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, has been appointed Dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Policy at The University of Texas in Austin. She has served as a clinical professor at the LBJ School since 2009.

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UT launches new Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

The University of Texas has created a center to study race and democracy and will host a “Race, Democracy and Public Policy in America” conference next month to discuss these issues.

The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs will

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Panelists talk about Affordable Care Act’s impact

With enrollment for coverage under the Affordable Care Act now open for 2015, four panelists at KUT Studios in the Belo Center for New Media on Tuesday discussed the impact of the act so far.

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