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Political Choices Shape Industry, Not Mergers

Over the past several years, Pentagon leaders have warned the big defense industry companies not to merge with each other. In early 2011, Ash Carter, then-undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, acknowledged that firms would likely restructure in response to expected

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Suicides and attempts on the rise in Texas prisons

Bruce Harrington was 29 the first time he tried to kill himself. It was just before Christmas in 2008, his sixth year in prison. He slashed his left arm and fashioned a noose from the sheets in his cell.

Correctional officers at the Allred Unit found him before it was too late. He ended

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The Urgent Need for Real National Strategy

Strategy is an act of imagination. Strategic planning is important because it forces government bureaucracies to think imaginatively about how the world works and what the nation can achieve. Strategic planning creates space

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Libya Epitomizes Clinton's Not-So-Smart Power

A long profile on Hillary Clinton in the Washington Post earlier this week highlights the 2011 Libyan intervention as a key indicator of her approach to foreign policy. Clinton

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Report Shows China's Dominance of Rare Earth Market Subsiding

The boogeyman of China dominating, and weaponizing through trade restrictions, its massive supply of rare earth resources no longer exists, according to a new paper by Council on Foreign Relations 

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To effect positive social change, make being compassionate cool

I am not sure how to measure it, but I am certain that American society is filled with more public expressions of hatred today than anytime since the 1960s. Public officials now routinely condemn their adversaries — fellow Americans — as “evil,” “weak,” “dangerous” and “lawless.” The personal

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America remembers Martin Luther King

January 20th is Martin Luther King Day, a US federal holiday to remember the murdered civil rights leader. The event was first observed in 1986 - so what does it mean to Americans today? Shirley Franklin was Mayor of Atlanta from 2002 to 2010 - the first black woman to hold the job in a major

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Hillary Clinton’s ‘WMD’ moment: U.S. intelligence saw false narrative in Libya

The intelligence community gathered no specific evidence of an impending genocide in Libya in spring 2011, undercutting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s primary argument for using the U.S. military to remove Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power, an event that has left his country in chaos

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Greek Finance Minister Becomes A Hero Back Home During Bailout Talks

Once again, Greece and Europe are at an impasse. The new Greek government wants to replace the existing bailout program, but its Eurozone partners have rejected that idea. The negotiations have been difficult and at times contentious. But the flashy Greek minister at the center of the storm has

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