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What is Reform? The Strange Case of Greece and Europe

The word, reform, has now become central to the tug of war between Greece and its creditors. New debt relief might be possible—but only if the Greeks agree to “reforms.” But what reforms and to what end? The press has generally tossed around the word, reform, in the Greek context, as if there were

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Misleading Spin on Centrifuges

Graham Allison and Gary Samore misconstrue my recent New York Times op-ed, so I appreciate this opportunity to set the record straight, and to document my article’s assertion that President Obama has greatly exaggerated his main pitch for the pending Iran deal: that it would substantially prolong

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Sunday Book Review: ‘The End of Plenty,’ by Joel K. Bourne Jr.

An 18th-century question matters for 21st-century foodies: “Are human beings perfectible?” If our species can improve itself, if we can learn to consume less, have fewer children and wean ourselves off meat, the planet might yet flourish. If not, the fear is that we’ll breed and eat ourselves into

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Suicides in Jails on the Rise

The number of people who died by suicide in local jails ticked up in 2013, even as the overall jail population declined, according to a new report. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of suicides went from 300 to 327, a 9 percent increase, according to a report from the Justice Department released

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