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Media Mention December 8, 2019

Texas's rapid economic growth is reaching its limits. Here’s what we should do

Arguing that rapid economic growth is reaching its limits in Texas, LBJ Urban Lab Director Steven Pedigo offers recommendations in a Dallas Morning News op-ed for five central investments the Lone Star State should make to protect its economy. 

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Media Mention November 22, 2019

Former national security official says impeachment drama distracts White House, as international challenges grow

William Inboden of UT-Austin's LBJ school says he's never seen White House spokespeople disparage their colleagues like they've done to those testifying in the impeachment hearing.

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Media Mention November 20, 2019

A White House now 'cannibalizing itself'


Will Inboden, executive director and William Powers Jr. Chair at the Clements Center for National Security, talked with the New York Times about the Trump administration's

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Media Mention November 6, 2019

Riding while drunk and other dangers of the electric scooter craze

Steven Pedigo, director of the LBJ Urban Lab, weighs in on the challenges cities face in integrating electric scooters into the urban landscape.

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Media Mention November 1, 2019

UT's new Urban Lab hopes to improve Texas cities

Urban Lab Director Steven Pedigo talks with the Alcalde about the lab's mission, why Texas is the right setting for his work, and the challenges facing Austin. 

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Media Mention October 28, 2019

Can we build a better women’s prison?

Prisons and jails are designed for men. What would a prison tailored to women’s needs and experiences look like?

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Media Mention October 25, 2019

LatinX Factor summit discusses cultural, social impact of Latinx community

During the summit, dozens of people listened to speakers discuss the role of the Latinx community in American culture and politics as part of the LBJ School’s Civic Engagement Series. 

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Media Mention October 17, 2019

Opinion: Our republic is under attack from the president

In an op-ed for the New York Times, LBJ School Professor of National Security and retired four-star Admiral William McRaven argues that the United States may be in peril because of President Trump's actions, from assaults on the intelligence and law enforcement community to the State Department and the media. McRaven recounts two recent events that honored military and intelligence colleagues who sacrificed and put themselves on the line to defend the values of this country — and his concern over how the current commander-in-chief is affecting those values.

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Media Mention October 17, 2019

Revisiting legacy restrictions on the intelligence community’s handling of SIGINT data on Non-Americans

Why are U.S. intelligence agencies still applying extraordinary safeguards to the incidentally collected communications of Chinese, Russian and Iranian citizens as well as the nationals of EU allies that refuse to offer similar privacy protections to Americans? 

LBJ Clinical

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Media Mention October 17, 2019

More people are starting to prefer managing their abortions on their own

People are turning to at-home abortion as state lawmakers attack reproductive rights and restrict clinic access across the United States, according to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health on Thursday.

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