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LBJ School Civic Engagement Program

LBJ School Civic Engagement Program

The LBJ School of Public Affairs prepares students to be thinkers and doers. As part of that mission, the Civic Engagement Program, launched in fall 2020, offers students semester-long structured opportunities to participate in service learning — experiential education that engages them in direct action in their communities to produce social good.

LBJ School Civic Engagement Program, Fall 2020

Under the direction of the Office of Student Admissions and Affairs and the LBJ School Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, we are offering all enrolled LBJ students the chance to participate in school-organized, group service learning activities once per semester. In addition, we are providing students who complete service learning projects the chance to earn a certificate for their achievements.

Each service learning project will entails approximately 20 hours of work per student over of the course of the semester, inclusive of time organizing, implementing and evaluating the service learning project. Students are responsible for participating in project organization meetings and submitting progress reports on a monthly basis to the office of Assistant Director of Professional Development Lauren Berryhill). At the end of the service learning project, students will provide a one-page reflection memo on their experience and participate in a video interview conducted by the LBJ School communications team. Students may complete more than one service learning project, and will earn a Dean's Certificate for each specific service learning project they complete.

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