Seminar one will cover the topic, “What is the Role of Infectious Disease in International and National Security?” Advance registration is required. Lunch will be provided. 

This seminar series will expose specific issues that directly impact global security, demonstrate their unique influence on national security and analyze the implications of the confluence of these issues on world affairs. Read more about the full series of seminars here.

Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins served as counsel for the 9/11 Commission Report and as the fundamental legal advisor to chemical, biological, nuclear and conventional weapons nonproliferation and disarmament treaties and conventions. She has served in a number of capacities as Ambassador at the U.S. State Department throughout the Obama administration, including: working on the Global Health Security Agenda, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, Chair of the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction in 2012 and the State Department lead on the Nuclear Security Summit. Her experience has led her to rethink both traditional national security issues through a global lens and the interrelationships among health, sustainability and science.

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