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Funding Your Graduate Education

Invest in your future and your career.

The LBJ School offers a world-class education, affordable tuition and a number of funding options to help students graduate with no debt. 

The LBJ School, as part of a public state school, offers one of the most affordable graduate programs of its kind. In addition, many students are able to secure funding through graduate research and teaching assistantships, student employment, fellowships, internship stipends, awards and more.

Tuition Costs

The University of Texas at Austin is annually recognized as one of the best values in higher educations by national publications that evaluate academic quality and cost. Learn more about graduate tuition costs, payment options and more.

Student Employment

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Teaching Assistant (TA) and Assistant Instructor (AI) positions are available at the LBJ School and across campus.

You can also explore campus employment opportunities: 

Admissions Fellowships 

LBJ School applicants are automatically considered for merit-based fellowships during the admissions review process as long as funding remains available. No additional application is required. If you receive an admissions fellowship, you will be notified with your admissions offer.

Additional information on fellowship funding is available through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Fellowships for Current Students

Internship Funding
The LBJ School has funds to help support students while they complete their required internships. Visit our Internship and Policy Apprenticeship Fellowship page to see current opportunities.

Other Funding Opportunities
In addition to admissions fellowships and internship funding, other forms of support include:

  • Emmette S. Redford Award for outstanding research carried out by a master’s student
  • Academic Excellence Awards for outstanding academic achievement
  • Spirit of LBJ Award for leadership and a commitment to serving the LBJ School, student body and larger community
  • Elspeth D. Rostow Public Service Fellowship for superior commitment to public service
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  • William & Judith Bollinger International Student Enrichment Fund to enable international students to pursue educational and cultural interests both at and away from The University of Texas at Austin. 
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  • Barbara Jordan Professional Development Funds to help support students as they make presentations at conferences, workshops, etc.
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Ph.D. Fellowships
The LBJ School typically guarantees four years of funding for doctoral students admitted to the program.  This normally comes in the form of a combination of subsidized tuition, fellowship support, and employment as a Teaching Assistant or Graduate Research Assistant.

In addition to the School's own fellowship packages, students may be nominated to compete for prestigious University Awards (Harrington Fellowships, Named Continuing Fellowships, Preemptive Recruitment Fellowships, and some others), as well as for external fellowship and research funding from the Social Science Research Council, the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and other organizations.

The Admissions Committee treats international students no differently than domestic students, although international students often come fully or partially funded by their home countries or institutions.  They are also eligible to serve as paid Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants, subject to any constraints imposed by their primary funding source.

Financial Aid

Graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin may apply for federal, state and institutional financial aid programs administered by the Office of Financial Aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

International students can visit the International Office for additional information on financial aid resources.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
Learn how working in the public or nonprofit sectors could lead to loan forgiveness.

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Graduate Admissions and Program Coordinator