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Faculty Research and Achievements

Faculty Research and Achievements

News December 7, 2018

LBJ School hosted Volcker Alliance government-to-university initiative

The LBJ School hosted a regional collaborative design session Dec. 5-6 as part of the first phase of the Volcker Alliance's Government-to-University (G2U) Initiative. The G2U Initiative focuses on building connections between government and universities to strengthen alignment on recruitment, skills development and research.

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Group of men, women in business suits gathered around a round table in front of the LBJ window.
Media Mention December 4, 2018

Federal Judge Signs Off On Subpoenas To Businesses Associated With Trump

Some of President Trump's associates and businesses are expected to get subpoenas on Tuesday, as a lawsuit advances alleging that Trump violated the Constitution's foreign emoluments clause. Don Kettl discusses. 

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Media Mention December 4, 2018

The Army Moves to Austin

With the Army’s New Futures Command in town, can the Texas capital still ‘keep it weird?’ Sherri Greenberg, a state representative for a decade and a clinical professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, says the city has changed

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Media Mention November 25, 2018

James Kenneth Galbraith on Inequality, Democracy and the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Greece

In this episode, hosts discuss James’ views on the teachings of mainstream economics today, his work on inequality, democracy, the financial crisis of 2008 and the impact it has had on Greece as well as, of course, his father John.

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Media Mention November 21, 2018

JFK's death wasn't just an end - it was also a crucial beginning

Kennedy's death is still marked as the tragic end of the bucolic postwar American dream. This is both unfortunate and shortsighted. Kennedy presided over a transformational era in American politics, a moment of national reckoning on issues of race, democracy and citizenship. Rather than viewing

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Media Mention November 7, 2018

This is how the Democrats can win in 2020

LBJ Professor Peniel Joseph shares three preliminary lessons from Tuesday night's elections. 

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Media Mention October 25, 2018

McRaven and McCaul: National Security Dimensions of Global Food Insecurity

Global hunger is a major national security concern. A generation of hundreds of millions of malnourished, and physically and cognitively, stunted adults contributes to instability and fragility. Admiral McRaven and Congressman Michael McCaul discuss in this joint oped. 

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News October 16, 2018

CIA’s first Resident Intelligence Officer comes to UT Austin, LBJ School

The University of Texas at Austin is home to the Central Intelligence Agency’s first resident intelligence officer (RIO) under its new Visiting Intelligence Officer Program. As UT’s RIO, Alan Kessler joins the university community to help bridge the gap between the intelligence community and academia. Kessler will work within the LBJ School of Public Affairs through fall 2020.

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Alan Kessler teaches class at LBJ School
News October 15, 2018

New research explores global climate leadership, risks and fragility

Joshua Busby, an associate professor of public affairs and leading expert on environmental politics, published two reports on climate change in September 2018.

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LBJ Alumna Ellen Scholl and Professor Josh Busby at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC.
Media Mention October 15, 2018

The double burden of climate exposure and state fragility

The security implications of climate change emerged as an important area of concern in the mid-2000s in both policy circles and academia. Since then, there has been much research exploring causal pathways between climate phenomena and violent conflict, often with inconclusive or mixed

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