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Faculty Research and Achievements

Faculty Research and Achievements

Feature August 12, 2022

Public policy courses this fall

The LBJ School is pleased to offer nearly 100 classes this fall to equip future public policy professionals with the skills they will need to lead and succeed. Alongside 18 dual degree options, 27 specializations and the vast resources of The University of Texas at Austin, students have

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LBJ students listen during a classroom lecture
News July 6, 2022

LBJ School welcomes Latino policy researcher Sergio Garcia-Rios to its faculty

The LBJ School of Public Affairs is thrilled to welcome Dr. Sergio

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New faculty member against burnt orange background
News June 13, 2022

UT researchers aim to get one step further in helping reduce falls and depression among homebound older adults

Namkee Choi from UT School of Social Work is principal investigator and LBJ health economist Todd Olmstead serves as a co-investigator. 


Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults age 65 and older (

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LBJ Professor and health economist Todd Olmstead
News June 1, 2022

LBJ School health economist studies programs designed to promote addiction recovery

Todd Olmstead will serve as co-principal investigator and co-investigator on two NIH grants totaling $15M


With colleagues from the University of Massachusetts, Todd Olmstead from The University of Texas at Austin LBJ

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Todd Olmstead on UT campus
Media Mention May 4, 2022

Abortion pills by mail pose challenge for officials in red states

"The need for abortion will not go away," said Abigail Aiken, an associate professor of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin who was the lead author on the research. The result of state restrictions on medical abortions, she said, will lead to "an increase in self-managed abortion, outside the formal health-care setting. What we have seen is that every time states move to restrict abortion, there is an increase in self-managed abortions."

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Media Mention May 3, 2022

Texas' restrictive abortion law previews a post-Roe America

When Politico published a draft opinion leaked from the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, the nation confronted the reality that Roe v. Wade and constitutional protections for abortion may be overturned as soon as this summer.

But for many in Texas, that day is already here. The

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News April 25, 2022

CONNECT Program Manager Alyssa Studer recognized with Outstanding Staff Award

Alyssa Studer, Program Manager for the CONNECT program, received the Outstanding Staff Award from the President's Office. The award recognizes non-teaching UT Austin employees who have made outstanding contributions to the continuing success of the university. Alyssa received the award due to her outstanding service to the CONNECT program, which Alyssa has managed since its beginning in Spring 2019. 

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Alyssa Studer with CONNECT Project Manager for Data Initiatives Ethan Tenison (left) and CONNECT faculty lead Dr. Patrick Bixler.
News April 13, 2022

RGK Faculty Fellow Becky Lentz selected as city fellow

Dr. Becky Lentz has been selected as one of several City Fellows (three university-based and several community-based) for the 2021–22 academic year affiliated with UT Austin's Equitable and Regenerative Cities Flagship Project. City Fellows join a team of more than 150 researchers as part of Planet Texas 2050, one of three Grand Challenge research grants at The University of Texas at Austin supported by UT's Bridging Barriers program. The Planet Texas 2050 team works across disciplines to find ways to make our state more resilient, "adapting to thrive" in the face of climate change and population growth.

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UT Tower at sunset
Media Mention April 4, 2022

Longevity Partners appoints two department heads to build and train workforce in push toward U.S. decarbonization

Longevity Partners, one of the world's fastest-growing ESG advisory businesses, just announced the appointment of two new department heads in the U.S. to support the firm's rapid expansion stateside. Dr. Molly Polk is now Head of ESG Strategy USA and Dr. Varun Rai is now Head of Net Zero Carbon USA. Since opening its U.S. headquarters in Austin just over a year ago, Longevity's U.S. workforce has more than tripled with the goal of growing to 50 people by 2023.

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News March 31, 2022

The U.S. can get close to deep decarbonization by 2050, study finds

The United States will get only partially toward deep reductions in greenhouse gases with the policy tools currently available even in the scenario most favorable politically to decarbonization. That's the finding from a recent study published in Energy Policy by a team of interdisciplinary researchers from The University of Texas at Austin that looked at the political feasibility of deep decarbonization in the United States. The results suggest that new policies and tools will be needed to reduce greenhouse gases from sectors like heavy industry.

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Solar array in Indiana. Credit: American Public Power Assn., Unsplash