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Faculty of the LBJ School of Public Affairs

Shaping the next generation of problem solvers.

As a highly ranked public policy school in a Tier I research university, the LBJ School attracts nationally and internationally recognized scholars and experts across a range of major policy areas. They come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds: engineering, sociology, economics, history, geography and political science. Many have held senior positions as policymakers at the federal (CIA, Department of Defense, Congressional Research Service, White House, etc.), state and local levels. They lead research and dialogue on today’s most salient public policy and management issues. The majority of faculty members listed here have their primary home appointment in the LBJ School of Public Affairs, making them readily accessible to students and research collaborators.

LBJ School faculty member Fred Beach
Fred Beach
LBJ School faculty member Lynda Frost
Lynda Frost
Clinical Associate Professor
LBJ School faculty member Carolyn Heinrich
Carolyn Heinrich
Research Professor
Michael Hole
Michael K. Hole
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics & Population Health
Paul Kinscherff
Paul Kinscherff
Executive in Residence
Jenny Knowles Morrison
Jenny Knowles Morrison
Research Fellow
LBJ School research associate Julia Sweig
Julia Sweig
Senior Research Fellow
Mary Wakefield
Mary Wakefield
Dean's Distinguished Fellow; Visiting Professor, School of Nursing