Richard V. Burkhauser held tenured teaching and research positions in the Department of Economics at Vanderbilt University and Syracuse University and was the Sarah Gibson Blanding Professor of Public Policy in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University before coming to the University of Texas in 2016. He is a Senior Research Fellow in the LBJ School of Public Affairs. He was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Resources between 1984-1994 and of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management from 2014-2016. He was the President of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management in 2010. His professional career has focused on how public policies affect the employment and well-being of vulnerable populations.  As a Principal Investigator on various Grants and Contracts from NIA, NIDRR and SSA he has carried out an extensive program of technical assistance and presentations to government agencies, policymakers and consumers on the employment and economic well-being of older persons and people with disabilities. He has published widely in journals of demography, economics, gerontology, as well as public policy. Most recently his research has focused on how government tax and transfer policy ameliorates market income inequality.


NewsJanuary 19, 2017
INNOVATION BOUND: The Annual Celebration of LBJ School Policy Research

In an annual celebration, the LBJ School community will convene on February 8, 2017, to celebrate the published works of our distinguished faculty and impassioned students.

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