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Jacqueline L. Angel

Jacqueline L. Angel

Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology

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SRH 3.239

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M – W from 3-4 pm and by appointment

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Jacqueline L. Angel, (Ph.D., Rutgers 1989) is currently a Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology and a Faculty Affiliate at the Population Research Center and LBJ School Center for Health and Social Policy at The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining the U.T. Faculty, she did her post-doctoral training at Rutgers in mental health services research and the Pennsylvania State University Program in Demography of Aging. Her research addresses the relationships linking family structures, inequality, and health across the life course, including a special focus on older Hispanics. She is particularly interested in evaluating the impact of social policies on the health and well-being of aging immigrants.

Dr. Angel is the Principal Investigator on a National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities (MD) R01 study examining the risk of long-term care in older Mexican American families and since its inception, a Co-Investigator on the Hispanic Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (H-EPESE). In addition, she is Co-Organizer of the NIA-funded (R-13) grant for the Conference Series on Aging in the Americas: Mexico and the United States.

She has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles, chapters, and essays related to her research on minority health and aging. Some of her recent books include: Handbook of the Sociology of Aging with Rick Settersten; Hispanic Families at Risk: The New Economy, Work, and the Welfare State co-authored with Ronald Angel;and The Health of Aging Hispanics: The Mexican-Origin Population, co-edited with Keith Whitfield. Dr. Angel is a Fellow of the Behavioral and Social Sciences section of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and a Senior Fellow at the Sealy Center on Aging, UTMB School of Medicine. In 2010, she received the GSA Senior Service Scholar Award for her research on health care disparities in older adults.

She also serves as an advisor to professional committees, non-governmental organizations and other agencies that provide basic services to the elderly. Dr. Angel currently serves on the Editorial Board of The Gerontologist, and is past Associate Editor of the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences and member of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior Editorial Board. The International Association for Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) recently selected her to be Treasurer for the World Congress meeting in San Francisco, California in 2017. Previously she served on the U.S. Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health NIA Behavior and Social Science of Aging Review Committee, which she also chaired for two years, Chaired the American Sociological Association (ASA) Section on Aging and the Life Course, and Co-Organized the 2005 Conference Series on Aging in the Americas (CAA). Additionally, she sat on the Board President of Family Eldercare, Inc. and was elected to the President's Council in 2003. 

At the LBJ School, Professor Angel teaches courses on policy development with respect to health care, population diversity with a special emphasis on Hispanic families, and inequality in an aging society. 


My research involves work on NIH-National Insitute on Aging funded studies designed to assess the longitudinal health and long-term care needs of older Hispanics, with special emphasis on Mexican Americans. I am affiliated with the U.T.-Austin Population Research Center and Center for Health and Social Policy. Currently, I am working on the following projects:

Longitudinal Study of Mexican American Elderly Health

Funded in 1992 by the National Institute on Aging, the Longitudinal Study of Mexican American Elderly Health project (H-EPESE) is the first large-scale epidemiologic investigation of the health of 3,050 Mexican Americans aged 65 and over living in five Southwestern States-- Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. One of the unique aspects of this longitudinal study is that we are collecting both self-reported information as well as performance-based measures of activity limitations on a large panel of older Mexican Americans. As a co-investigator, my participation in this project has involved analyses of the impact of nativity and the migration process on health outcomes, and their implications for long-term care policy. Ultimately, I am seeking to understand how elderly Mexican Americans continue to stay in the community despite physical frailty and financial difficulties.

Hispanic Health and Retirement Policy Project

As the number of Americans nearing retirement increases, demographers, public policy makers, and gerontologists point to the importance of diversity within the older population. By the year 2026 every fourth person of retirement age will be either of African-American, Hispanic or Asian origin. Diversity alone is not a cause of concern, however, in American society minority group membership is strongly correlated with decreased access to social and public goods and services. The aim of this project, therefore, is to examine the "demography of disadvantage" among the pre-retirement population and to assess the ways in which changing needs for assistance varies with social characteristics, and ensuing health implications. See related papers below.



Ph.D. in sociology, Rutgers University

Current Positions

Principal Investigator, Conference Series on Aging in the Americas: United States and Mexico (R-13 funded);Secretary, Co-Investigator, Longitudinal Study of Elderly Mexican American Health (R01funded); The Gerontological Society of America; Faculty Chair, Bridging Disciplines Program in Social Inequalities, Health and Policy

Previous Positions

NIA Postdoctoral Fellow, Demography of Aging Training Program, The Pennsylvania State University (1990-1992); Board President, Family Eldercare, Inc.


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Articles and Essays:

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