Lentz, Erin | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D. in Sociology, Cornell University, 2014
  • M.S. in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, 2005
  • B.A. in Economics, Cornell University, 1999
Research Areas
  • Food Security
  • Gender, Nutrition and Agriculture Linkages
  • U.S. Food Aid and Food Assistance Policies
Teaching Areas
  • Research and Empirical Methods
  • Development Policy
  • Social Policy

Erin Lentz is an assistant professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She teaches on research and empirical methods, development policy, gender and development, and social policy. Her research explores food security; gender, nutrition, and agriculture linkages; and U.S. food aid and food assistance policies. Lentz is currently pursuing three research agendas. With her collaborators, she is developing the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index. This index aims to identify the barriers and opportunities women face in achieving adequate nutrition. As Lentz studies U.S. and international food aid and food assistance policies, this research informed her 2018 congressional testimony on reforming food aid. She also researches innovative approaches to improving early warning for food insecurity crises, with a focus on leveraging real-time data. Lentz received a Fulbright fellowship to Bangladesh to research the secondary effects of food aid in local communities. She has worked or consulted with CARE, the United Nations World Food Program and numerous other international NGOs on markets, food security and food assistance programs. Lentz holds a Ph.D. in sociology, an M.S. in applied economics and management, and a B.A. in economics from Cornell University.

Media Expertise
  • Globalization and International Affairs


NewsApril 17, 2019
Innovation Bound, the annual celebration of LBJ School policy research: April 23, 2019

Core to the LBJ School's mission is "getting it done" — developing solutions to policy problems through scholarship and public discourse. Every year, faculty and students take on research that melds the theoretical and the practical, exploring the world through hands-on field work and data analysis to address issues critical to the health of American democracy and global society. Innovation Bound celebrates the impact, quality and range of the published works of our distinguished scholars.

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NewsSeptember 27, 2018
LBJ School research on China and work in developing communities published in a top journal

The LBJ School's Joshua Eisenman, Erin Lentz and Raj Patel have published new studies in Development and Change, a top journal in the development economics field from the Institute of Social Studies. One piece looks at how Maoist China's rural collectives siphoned away household savings to invest in the country's capital investments and agricultural production; another examines how international agriculture development tends to ignore or treat as a mystery the division of labor within a household.

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NewsSeptember 6, 2018
Three studies from the LBJ School appear in leading development journal

Three new studies from the LBJ School appeared in the leading peer-reviewed journal World Development. The studies explore climate security vulnerability, the relationship between food insecurity and domestic violence, and the long-term effects of political repression on economic performance.

In harm's way: Climate security vulnerability in Asia

By Joshua Busby, associate professor of public affairs

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