Spring 2009 Course Description

Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Section Title: Urban Communication
Instructor(s): Gene Burd
Course: P A 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy
(previously Seminar in Topics in Public Policy)
Unique Number: 62410
Day & Time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: CMA A6.168
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Notes: Cross List with J391

This course fulfills requirements for the following specialization(s):

Description: This course shows how to understand urban communication in “mediapolis” and teaches future journalists how to report and analyze urban issues. It examines urban space and place, symbolism, city images and identity; the decentralization and globalization of cities, the rise of electronic and Internet media, city cinema and city magazines and the impact of new communication technologies on city form and function.

It covers decision-making in a multi-centered, multi-cultured and multi-mediated metropolis in the new geography and cyberspace of virtual reality; in the natural and built environment of urban growth and ecology. It suggests ways to report news on architecture, design, transportation, economics, housing, human relations of race, age, class and gender, government, health, medicine, entertainment, recreation, education, and the natural environment.

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