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LBJ School Alumni Board - By-Laws

Mission and Role

The mission of the LBJ School Alumni Board is to foster a mutually beneficial partnership between the LBJ School and its alumni achieved through collaborating to advance the goals of the School and its graduates.

The role of the Alumni Board is to:

  • Organize and energize alumni volunteer support for initiatives identified by the dean as priorities for the advancement of the School including: professional development, alumni recognition, student recruitment, student career guidance, alumni giving, and continuing education for graduates.
  • Establish structural guidelines for the chapters that ensure growth, continuity and sustainability.
  • Identify and promote opportunities for alumni to develop and maintain meaningful connections with each other, current students, and the School’s faculty and administration.
  • Facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the graduates and the School on issues important to alumni affairs.
  • Enrich the alumni experience at the national and chapter levels by developing opportunities for social and professional networking.
  • Recognize and promote the achievements of LBJ School alumni.
  • Work closely with the alumni affairs coordinator and the dean to understand the changing needs of the LBJ School and how alumni can support the School’s priorities.
  • Identify and recruit motivated volunteers to serve the School on the Alumni Board and established committees that serve the needs of the School and its alumni.
  • Actively participate in twice annual meetings at the LBJ School in Austin, Texas.

Purpose and Membership

The 2012 Alumni Board will serve as a governance, management and advisory board for alumni affairs at the LBJ School.

Membership on the Alumni Board will be open to alumni of the LBJ School of Public Affairs. An annual call for nominations will be sent to alumni and the broader LBJ School community (i.e., faculty, staff). In the inaugural year, School leadership will select members from candidates nominated through this process. After the inaugural year, the Nominating and Governance Committee will oversee recruitment. Board members should be representative of the diversity of the alumni body .


Membership on the Alumni Board will be no more than 11 members in the first year. In the subsequent years, the alumni board will recommend a membership model to the dean based on their needs and objectives.

Board members will be asked to serve a two-year term, with one half of the initial Alumni Board members asked to serve one additional year to ensure a cycle of leadership continuity. Thereafter, members will serve two years, with three consecutive terms (six years) as a limit.

Officers consisting of a president and president-elect will be determined by School leadership in the first year, and thereafter determined by the Alumni Board president, past president and president-elect with the support of the dean.

The Alumni Board president will serve as an ex-officio member of the LBJ School Dean’s Advisory Council.

The Alumni Board will consist of members with governance duties, and committees with management duties.

Committees must be chaired by a member of the Alumni Board and will include additional alumni participants. Committees will consist of a chair (appointed by the committee members) and a variable number of members depending on the needs of the committee. Committee size and membership is to be determined by the chair in consultation with the board. Committee members serve for two-year staggered terms. No individual shall chair more than one committee at a time.

Ex-officio members of the alumni board shall include:

  • Dean of the LBJ School or his/her designee
  • Faculty representative (approved by dean)
  • Alumni Affairs Coordinator
  • Graduate Public Affairs Council president or designee
  • Austin and WALSAC chapter presidents or designees in the first year, after which the Alumni Board will determine status 


The Alumni Board will meet twice each year at the LBJ School in Austin, Texas. Dates will be determined in the spring of each preceding year, in advance of finalizing recruitment of new members.

The alumni affairs coordinator (LBJ School staff) will develop the agenda with the president and will be responsible for distributing meeting-related materials, such as previous minutes and agendas, prior to each meeting. The board president will be responsible for contacting members with key reminders and for obtaining and sharing committee reports from the chairs.

Committees will determine a meeting schedule each year, and committee chairs are responsible for:

  • Reporting (in writing) to alumni board president prior to each alumni board meeting
  • Notifying members of meetings via e-mail or phone. Meeting space will be provided at the LBJ School, if requested
  • Working with LBJ School staff to develop agendas
  • Creating an annual committee report

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