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News August 19, 2019

Addressing the student debt crisis: Federal vs. state solutions

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students projected to enter colleges and universities in fall 2018 was 19.9 million. As of 2018, outstanding student loan debt in the United States totaled $1.5 trillion, the country's second largest consumer debt segment according to the Federal Reserve.

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A demonstrator in a student debt protest dressed as "The Walking Debt" calculates  his college debt. Photo by Tom Woodward/Flickr/cc2.0
News July 31, 2019

Review: Many questions, some leads to build arts audiences

Professor Francie Ostrower of the LBJ School and the College of Fine Arts, , Director of the Portfolio Program in Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship and a senior fellow at the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service talks with the Wallace Foundation about her findings in the literature review and research about audience-building efforts for nonprofit performing arts. The Wallace Foundation commissioned and funded the project, which will ultimately include two more reports. 

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Professor Francie Ostrower and her Wallace Foundation report on audience building in the nonprofit performing arts
News July 26, 2019

Intelligence Studies Project poll finds a strong majority of Americans have confidence in U.S. intelligence community

Despite a barrage of antagonism from the president — including rejecting the judgment of the U.S. intelligence community (IC) on Russia's interference in the 2016 elections, attacking U.S. intelligence agencies and their former leaders and accusing the IC of spying on his campaign — most Americans, including Republicans, continue to express confidence in the IC.

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Insignia from various agencies in the U.S. intelligence community
News July 25, 2019

LBJ Dean Angela Evans moderates forum on homelessness in Austin

LBJ School Dean Angela Evans moderated a panel sponsored by the Downtown Austin Alliance on July 23 about recent changes to the camping and sit/lie ordinances that went into effect July 1. Attendees heard from Austin police about how it is interpreting and enforcing the new laws and from city officials about homelessness planning, including recommendations, which are due in August, for shelters in each council district.

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LBJ Dean Angela Evans moderates a conversation about homelessness with APD Chief Brian Manley, Veronica Briseño of the City of Austin and Bill Brice of the Downtown Austin Alliance
News July 25, 2019

Access to reproductive health care in Texas: Rosie's Law and the Hyde Amendment

Access to reproductive health care in Texas is an issue for many living in the state. Many abortion clinics in Texas have closed since HB 2 took effect in 2013. More broadly, rural areas of Texas have faced widespread closures of health facilities, leaving many without nearby access to care. Barriers to care can also include financial barriers: If someone does not have insurance, or if their insurance doesn’t cover a procedure to the extent that they can afford to get that procedure, they will be unable to access that care.

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Blurry image of a hospital hallway
News July 24, 2019

Free webinar July 25: Investing in America's Workforce

Register to join the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources for a free webinar, "Investing in America's Workforce: Investing in Systems for Employment Opportunity" on July 25, 2019. The one-hour event is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and begins at 3 p.m. ET.

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Photo collage of people doing various kinds of jobs, along with the book title Investing in America's Workforce
News July 23, 2019

Toward a better metric of work

In 2018, the United States' unemployment rate dropped below 4 percent for the first time since the end of the dot-com bubble in early 2000. This is certainly a historic occurrence: unemployment rates hovered around 3 percent during the postwar era of golden age capitalism, but the economic contraction that began in the 1970s was accompanied by a coincident decline in employment, and the unemployment rate reached a ceiling of 10.2 percent in November of 1982. So if today the metrics that quantify economic health seem to indicate that the coast is clear, why does it still feel like we’re living in a recession economy?

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Two women working at a computer together
News July 23, 2019

LBJ's Michele Deitch named to Texas Task Force on Dual Status Youth

As a criminal justice expert, Michele Deitch, a senior lecturer at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and The University of Texas School of Law, is an invaluable resource to the state of Texas on a number of social and juvenile justice issues. The CHASP Fellow now been asked to serve on the Texas Supreme Court's Children's Commission Task Force on Dual Status Youth. The statewide task force is comprised of judges, practitioners and experts on juvenile justice focused on the needs of youth who are in both the juvenile justice system and the child welfare system. 

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Michele Deitch, senior lecturer at the LBJ School and the UT School of Law; Soros Senior Justice Fellow
News July 22, 2019

LBJ Dean Angela Evans to moderate a July 23 public forum on homelessness in Austin

LBJ School Dean Angela Evans will moderate a panel sponsored by the Downtown Austin Alliance featuring Austin city and police officials from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23 to discuss recent changes to the camping and sit/lie ordinances that went into effect July 1. The forum will take place at Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E. 8th St.

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Angela Evans, dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs
News July 18, 2019

LBJ Professor Paul von Hippel honored by the American Sociological Association

LBJ Associate Professor Paul von Hippel is the 2019 winner of the American Sociological Association's Leo Goodman Award, conferred by the organization's methodology section to recognize a scholar’s contributions to the field of methodology or innovative uses of sociological methodology early in his or her career — no more than 15 years after earning a Ph.D.

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LBJ Professor Paul von Hippel