2021 LBJ School Research Celebration | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

2021 LBJ School Research Celebration

2021 LBJ School Research Celebration

Throughout each year, both students and faculty at the LBJ School undertake timely policy research to stretch intellectual boundaries and tackle the most complex problems of our day, spanning over various policy areas. The LBJ School Research Celebration gives us an opportunity to recognize the impact, quality and range of the published works of our distinguished faculty and students.

The 2021 Research Celebration highlights research on rebuilding democracy, leadership development, EPA water regulations, oil and gas environmental impacts, international missile strategies and much more.

Below are this year's featured faculty and student authors and their respective publications.

Public Management and Leadership

Jeremi SuriRemaking the Presidency after Trump, This is Democracy Podcast 

Gordon AbnerElevating the Case for Leadership Development Programs: Return on Investment Evaluations


Environmental Policy and Management

Sheila OlmsteadNew Water Rule Turns a Blind Eye to Transboundary Pollution, Resource Radio Sheila Olmstead Interview

Andrew WaxmanEmissions in the Stream: Estimating the Greenhouse Gas Impacts of an Oil and Gas Boom

Jurgen SchmandtSustainability of Engineered Rivers In Arid Lands

David EatonConservation and Community Wealth Creation in India: Challenges and the Way Ahead


International Global Policy and Administration

Erin LentzOverseas Research: A Practical Guide


Jaganath SankaranRegional Ballistic Missile Defense in the Context of Strategic StabilityMissile Wars in the Asia Pacific: The Threat of Chinese Regional Missiles and U.S.-allied Missile Defense Response


Public Policy Analysis

James GalbraithThe Consequences of Economic Inequality for Presidential Elections in the United States


Social Policy

Alycia Welch and Michele Deitch — The Pandemic Gender Gap Behind Bars: Meeting the Needs of Women in Custody During COVID-19 and Planning for the Future


Michele Deitch and Alycia Welch — COVID and Corrections: A Profile of COVID Deaths in Custody in Texas, NPR Weekend Edition: Interview with Michele Deitch

Cynthia OsbornePrenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap


Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Ruth WasemAt the Nexus of Refugee and Labour Migration: US Refugee Policy Formulation after the Second World War

Diana Bolsinger“Insurrection” – The Intelligence Implications: A SpyCast Special


Information and Technology Management

Kenneth FlammMeasuring Moore’s Law: Evidence from Price, Cost, and Quality Indexes