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Prison Reform

Weeklong Tribute to Honor Life and Work of Barbara Jordan Feb 21-25 Event
LBJ in the News
Current, former detention officers voice concerns about Bexar County Jail LBJ in the News
Private prison operators shrug off U.S. policy shift LBJ in the News
U.S. private prison shares rebound as fears of industry's demise ebb LBJ in the News
Feds End Private Prison Contracts After Study Finds Facilities Unsafe, Inefficient LBJ in the News
Private Prison Companies Are Embracing Alternatives to Incarceration LBJ in the News
Former inmate says medical care withheld at Waller County Jail where Sandra Bland died LBJ in the News
Authorities shed light on Dylann Roof jail attack, but questions remain LBJ in the News
Navasota prison unit could be target of state prison system cuts LBJ in the News
Prison System Ponders $250 Million in Budget Cuts LBJ in the News
Prison reform 'Texas model' hasn’t really solved problems LBJ in the News
Boys in Custody and the Women Who Abuse Them LBJ in the News
The Source: Texas Prisons LBJ in the News
Rick Perry’s Stand Against Parts Of A Law Meant To Cut Down On Prison Rape LBJ in the News
Perry: Anti-Prison Rape Standards "Impossible" LBJ in the News
Force Against Texas Inmates on The Rise LBJ in the News
Closing Corsicana: Lessons from a Juvenile Lock-Up LBJ in the News
Nearly Half of U.S. States Enact Juvenile Justice Reforms LBJ in the News
Boys in Custody and the Women Who Abuse Them LBJ in the News
Law Could Set Stage for Juvenile Justice Reforms LBJ in the News
Trial Run for Revised Juvenile Justice System LBJ in the News
One in 10 Kids Locked Up in Texas Report Sexual Abuse LBJ in the News
Inmate sexual assault: Clements Unit among nation's worst, survey says LBJ in the News
Violence up at TYC LBJ in the News
Report finds no consistent system of record-keeping to document jail suicide in W. Tennessee LBJ in the News
More Young Inmates Attack One Another LBJ in the News
Unnoticed deaths: Inmate suicides undocumented, rarely reported at local or state level LBJ in the News
34-year Maricopa County jails suit nears end LBJ in the News
Expanding private-prison industry benefits from weak oversight structure LBJ in the News
Jeffs receives his own jail cell LBJ in the News
Harris Co. leads state in trying teens as adults LBJ in the News
Report: Hundreds of Youths in Adult Prisons LBJ in the News
Teenage killer’s trouble as adult raises questions about Texas juvenile justice LBJ in the News
Budget impact: Plan would privatize 5 prisons LBJ in the News
Is "Check it out, bro-I'm in prison!" an appropriate Facebook status update? LBJ in the News
Prison System: Now is the time for prison reform in Pennsylvania LBJ in the News
Woman's death one of many in troubled Texas prison LBJ in the News
Budget woes may close more Texas youth facilities LBJ in the News
A TT Interview with Prison Expert Michele Deitch LBJ in the News
LBJ School Releases Report on Conditions for Certified Juveniles in Texas County Jails News
LBJ Professor Michele Deitch receives Tower Award from University’s Volunteer Service Learning Center News
LBJ School Publishes Report on Juveniles in the Texas Adult Criminal Justice System News
LBJ School Experts Offer Analysis of 82nd Texas State Legislature News
From Time Out to Hard Time: Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System Videos
Mass Incarceration, Race, and Criminal Justice Reform Videos
The Need for Juvenile Justice Reform Videos
Reducing Risk and Building Strength Through Educational Reform and Early Childhood Interventions Videos
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