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Modern International Relations

Reinventing Diplomacy for the 21st Century Event
Suri, Jeremi Faculty
LBJ in the News
Debate: Has The President Exceeded His War Powers Authority? LBJ in the News
How the Yazidis Changed Obama's Thinking on Iraq LBJ in the News
'The fog of war is still taking place': UT professor on Iraq LBJ in the News
United States should act to contain Russia's proxy wars LBJ in the News
The American Way of Diplomacy LBJ in the News
Successes and Failures of the U.S. and NATO Intervention in Libya LBJ in the News
Ukraine Update LBJ in the News
White House touts leadership in handling of crisis in Ukraine, despite lack of results LBJ in the News
It’s Long Been Clear That Russia Doesn’t Belong LBJ in the News
Operation Diplomacy LBJ in the News
Obama has lost control over Syria policy LBJ in the News
Offensive Charm: Why Vladimir Putin Tried -- and Failed -- to Woo the U.S. Public LBJ in the News
Syria crisis likely a precursor to regional upheaval LBJ in the News
Did NATO Intervention Make Libya's War Bloodier? LBJ in the News
Is foreign policy bipartisanship a thing of the past? LBJ in the News
World Disorder LBJ in the News
Obama-Romney debate can't avoid 'nation-building' LBJ in the News
The Situation in Syria LBJ in the News
American Foreign Policy is Already Post-Partisan LBJ in the News
Beijing's agreement to release Chen Guangcheng is a success for the U.S. LBJ in the News
What would Bush have done for Chen Guangcheng? LBJ in the News
Blind Dissident Chen Guangcheng Aggravates US-China Relations LBJ in the News
North Korea’s Coming Collapse by Jeremi Suri LBJ in the News
LBJ School dean: We need better diplomats by Robert Hutchings LBJ in the News
America's self-defeating cycle in Afghanistan LBJ in the News
Iran-Israel Tensions LBJ in the News
The Unknown Unknowns If the past half-century of American political history has taught us anything, it's that we can't possibly know the consequences of bombing -- or not bombing -- Iran. LBJ in the News
Could and Should U.S. End Combat Role in Afghanistan Early? feat. Celeste Ward Gventer LBJ in the News
A Look Back at the Big International New Stories of 2011 LBJ in the News
After Kim - Jeremi Suri writes on the future of North Korea after the death of Kim Jong Il LBJ in the News
War-Torn Afghanistan Suffers Worst Sectarian Violence in Years - Featuring Celeste Ward Gventer LBJ in the News
U.S. Easing Out of Nation-Building Business LBJ in the News
How to leave a strong Afghanistan by Jeremi Suri LBJ in the News
Historian Jeremi Suri Blogs on the Liberation of Libya and the Fall of the Gadhafi Regime LBJ in the News
LBJ students learn, work with scholars at international security conference News
Global Governance and the Paradox of US Decline News
Catching the Winds of Power News
Looking Backward, Planning Forward News
America in Decline: Through the Looking Glass News
Discretionary Decline News
Re-Thinking World Power, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley News
American Decline: Is Perception Always Reality? News
The Austro-Hungarian Legacy: Creative Citizens Need Innovative Governance News
Exploring the Question of American Decline News
Professor Jeremi Suri to Lead K-12 Gilder Lehrman Seminar on American Foreign Policy Since 1898 News
LBJ Students Propose National Security Strategies for Next Presidential Administration News
Mapping Tool Analyzes How Climate Change, Conflict, and Aid Intersect in Africa News
Public Health and Nuclear Experts Warn Against Importing Russian Medical Isotopes News
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